Writing roots


It is nice to know there is another word out there besides “freelancer, writer, journalist” and such…”scripturient” has an authentic ring to it!…I am already used to feeling so much passion in my words…which is why I write.

I have my mother to thank in many ways for my love of writing…I remember how she kept tons of notebooks, journals, and stationery for just that. We don’t talk much about it and I don’t know if she has ever entertained writing a book. I have shared some of my work with her and she would smile and thank me for sharing. They say writers have the best penmanship and I do believe that to an extent. I had never seen so many loops, twists, curls and just pure fancy as I had with the way my mother writes her words. She makes it look so very beautiful, mysterious and creative; like calligraphy. She also can write in shorthand; which I haven’t mastered that as yet…she would tell me she learned it many years ago and used it when she worked. Perhaps I will share this post with her…and ask her if she has ever heard of the word; scripturient. She is a stickler for learning new words and using them in a sentence…Goodness knows how many words I learned as a child through my mother’s extensive vocabulary. The word “rambunctious” comes to mind as she was always using it with me, and I laughed because of how silly it sounded to my young ears.

I like that I can remember the sweet beginnings of my journey as a writer, the “diary” I had when I turned 11 years old, the stories I wrote for children I babysat, and my beloved poetry. There is passion in words, life-giving affirmation, and beauty. It is a gift when others share their words; one that should be cherished.

…I have been sleeping on myself and my writing capabilities. Writing hits me so strong, like a gust of wind in my face and I can’t even try to turn from it. Why would I? I think I have been hesitant of the kind of whirlwind I would be in once I go at it full force…but I am oh so ready. I have nothing but high hopes. I want to start a new page, a page that will help to educate women on the magic of their bodies, I desire to publish an E book on some of my poems that I’ve held so deep inside but need to share. I even would like to write about how sunshine and music heals the soul. I have started by following other writers and getting advice on how to keep up momentum. I am very excited about all of these aspirations and I look forward to the day when I can literally veg out and write my life away! But it takes persistence and dedication to my craft. I know I am damn good at what I do. I write in a way that impresses even me…and I am my own worst critic! Fear has no place in this writing game. It is either do it or don’t. So I’m gonna choose to write every day, even if it’s a few sentences in my journal…at least it is something. I am inspired by almost anything…because everything has reason, history, purpose and desire…


I guess the best advice I could give myself is to follow the passion of my soul. Everything touches me in some way and I yearn to write about it and I usually do. It’s so healing to write, to put my thoughts down and reflect.


Was up late last night, writing to my heart’s desire. I love when words spread like wildfire inside me…I can’t get enough, I know I’m not ready to sleep and so I make a hot cup of tea. What else will come from deep within me? Reviewing, looking at old entries, back then writing was a breeze. But I’m a grown woman now, it’s time to talk about things that will leave folks “wowed”. As I climb this magic totem pole, there is nothing under the sun for me to write about that isn’t long overdue or too old. It’s been time to open up and share, write like I really don’t care because I don’t. My job is to express what is not being talked about in the masses, or even how I feel when I leave a special class…expression is the greatest gift, gives my soul a much needed lift…every time I agree to write something, I am sharing a piece of me for you to see. Are you ready, do you see me? I’m here and not going anywhere. I will be sitting by candlelight, fingers moving steadily typing as fast as thoughts hit me…


Creating from the heart

I’m very excited to say that my latest writing project has included an E-book for children. I wrote the words and all illustrations were created by my daughters. They have always loved to draw and I have always loved to write…so, we put the two together and this is our first creation. We are hoping to have many more to come. What is unique about our books lies in the illustrations. There are beautiful drawings as well as photography to accompany the warm poems in this book. I’m hoping to initiate a life long love of creating from the heart; which is what these gifts that we possess as writers is all about.

Just write

When I feel discouraged, I write…

When something piques my passion, my curiosity, I write…spilling all the contents of me. And allowing myself to just be…

If I take too long to get it all just right, I will waste precious time that could be used to just write.


Expansion and expression

I was at the library the other day with my girls, looking around for something interesting to read, my top subjects usually being; astrology, spirituality, traveling, cultural history and birth…My oldest daughter picked a book from a shelf titled: “The Language of the Goddess”, saying, “how about this one”? It was pretty thick and looked as if it had been around for some time. The cover of the book was one of those old school cloth covers and the sun as well as time had faded the color. I decided I would check it out after flipping through it. A few days had gone by and I found myself quite busy with end of the year to do’s and such; but last night, I opened the book I had checked out from the library and began reading. The introduction alone told me that I was in for some good reading. There are images of sculptures dating back thousands of years, pictures and illustrations of how the Goddess was represented and revered in different cultures. Revered for the mystery that surrounded her and also respected in regards to her life-giving energy.

Summer Solstice post 2013

“The main theme of Goddess symbolism is the mystery of birth and death and the renewal of life, not only human but all life on earth and indeed in the whole cosmos. Symbols and images cluster around the parthenogenetic (self-generating) Goddess and her basic functions as Giver of Life, Wielder of Death, and, not less importantly, as Regeneratrix, and around the Earth Mother, the Fertility Goddess young and old, rising and dying with plant life. She was the single source of all life who took her energy from the springs and wells, from the Sun, Moon and moist Earth. This symbolic system represents cyclical, not linear, mythical time. In art this is manifested by the signs of dynamic motion: whirling and twisting spirals, winding and coiling snakes, circles, crescents, horns, sprouting seeds and shoots.”~The Language of the Goddess by Marija Gimbutas

My youngest daughter has been drawing as long as she has known how to hold a crayon, pencil and now pen, in that order. Her drawings have a lot of symbolism for her to be so young. I have always felt that she expresses herself through her drawings and illustrations, just as I express myself through my writing. It is deeply felt and the energy manifests itself as endless creativity. Has she tapped into that power at such a young age because of what she naturally feels within regarding who she is and what her life means? I often wonder what she is thinking about when she draws, but just as I can’t always pinpoint exactly what I feel when I write, I know it is always inspired by deep emotion. As I read the above passage again, I noted what was expressed about spirals and what they mean in art. My daughter draws spirals very often and is quite rooted in nature. She shows this in her pieces and they have become much more noticeable and unique.

"What drawing is to her, writing is for me, a passion. When creative energy takes over, love is expressed via art and all forms of it.
“What drawing is to my child, writing is for me; my voice and my passion. When creative energy takes over, love is expressed via art and all forms of it.

It means so much to me when I see my girls tapping into their inner creativity, their life force that is a manifestation of the Divine Feminine. This is powerful, pure and untapped energy! Imagine how beautiful it would be for us to nurture each girl in this way, allowing her to unfold in her creativity without inhibitions. We are expanding and expressing our consciousness about the world around us and what we are embodying as women and girls. We are creating, feeling ever more deeply and receiving new, life-giving messages.

Love and Light, Lisalotusqueen




Word memories

This evening I decided to read through one of my old journals that I started in 2009 and believe it or not so much of what I had written was speaking to me now more than ever before. It wasn’t so long ago that I began this journal, but I was definitely in a different place emotionally. Inside of these pages I read through quotes, thoughts and passages I had composed from deep inside of my heart. Love seemed to be the driving force for most of what I had written; I felt a desire to reconnect my spirit to this emotion that has carried me so far, in my darkest of hours. I remember where I was mentally when I began this journal; and writing was my strength. The way I put my words together to express how I was feeling was apparent in the tone of my passages. I was working on learning more about me from the inside out.

“The positive thing about writing is that you connect with yourself in the deepest way, and that is heaven. You get a chance to know who you are, to know what you think. You begin to have a relationship with your mind.” ~Natalie Goldberg (Writing down the bones)

I’m very thankful that I have kept my older journals, they are like the stepping-stones that have brought me to where I am now. The passages within, the memories, the sweet beginnings of rekindling my love of writing are all there.

“And I know how good it feels to explode from within, to see stars shining so bright inside.” lisalotusqueen

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