The path of the Twins

My beautiful Gemini Twin…I came to see you, making my rounds…had to see you and share a laugh or two…little did I know that there would be more in store…I would feel your words deep down to my core. You must have sensed what I needed to hear that night and a poem from your collection, you did openly share. As I listened intently, something struck me so suddenly…it was as if the words you had written were all about me. I looked up at you, tears streaming down my face…and you held my hand and it seemed to hold my soul in place. You said to me, “I know,” and at that point, I released…knowing that crying was okay in that beautiful space. I was so grateful to my Sister for sharing with me, words of wisdom from her own journey. She somehow knew what I needed to hear, words that would bring me even farther away from fear. Eternally grateful for the moment and lesson, and knowing that she and I have a blessed connection. I love you, my dear Sistar, Makeeba; you are the Abstract Oracle.


She shines…evermore

Some days, I really don’t mind being misunderstood…for it is a testament to my life’s journey. Not everyone is meant to understand the destiny, the path that I am on and it is okay. I have memories of dimming my light to allow others to shine brightly, but then I began to “blend in” so to speak. My light became one in the same with those around me…One day, however, sparks of blue, pink, bright yellows and greens illuminated from within. I was a living kaleidoscope of new dreams, truths and beautiful realizations of who I am and all that I could think of was filling my spirit with more colorful experiences…


There is now nothing more to fear other than fear itself. When I was afraid to shine my light in previous occasions, I was afraid of myself…afraid of reactions, intrigue and rejection to the Goddess I was becoming and am still blossoming into…

Inner peace

Let it go…release whatever you are holding onto into the ethers. It can be easier said than done at times, but it is not impossible. When we get attached to what has always been and change becomes inevitable, there is an internal conflict within; we know we need to move through a phase but we are afraid of the unknown. I don’t want to fight to be right, I just want to know what it is like to be free, open and filled with my truth. For that is my calling, to live my truth, embrace it, trust it and flow with it.