A place of stillness

Go inside of yourself to that place, that place that holds your heart and spirit together. Bask there, rest there and know that when you feel pure bliss, you are living in truth. These words are shared from me to you, but I am also heeding my own message. I feel like myself in this place, genuine love encompasses me and I feel ready to face my doubts with acute precision. Introspect overtakes me and through the stillness, the peace, the answers come.

goddess (2)

Trust; my true state

Trust to me means being in my “true state”…being in my “true state” means trusting in the process of letting go of what I cannot control. My true state is not one of worry or fear but of love and peace. Peace inside of my heart, peace surrounding my spirit and peace of mind. At any given moment, my thoughts could get the best of me, if I so choose, but I choose instead to trust. I want to be in my true state as often as possible; all of the time would be ideal, but it is definitely a work in progress to just allow. Allowing is oh so beautiful when it is coming from that place inside of me that trusts what is happening even without knowing what’s next.