Being still and listening

Sometimes the intensity of decision-making can be overwhelming for me; especially when I over think things. I tend to weigh out each possible scenario in hopes of making the decision a little easier. I know I need to flow with what my spirit is telling me. It’s so hard sometimes though when I want answers now or clarity is seemingly nowhere to be found.


What do we do when life hands us situations that we really don’t know how to readily respond to? As a child, many decisions concerning my life were made for me, even when I became a young woman. I had to learn to trust my own intuition and learn to listen to that still voice within even with all of the commotion from others who “knew” what was best for me. It hasn’t been the easiest thing for me to do, but when I gauge how I feel deep inside about trusting myself, I feel powerful and I desire to stay in that energy.


I don’t always propose to know the answer and sometimes I feel weak when I say, “I don’t know” but in essence, there is also power in that statement. We aren’t always meant to know what to do in any given situation. Perhaps we are meant to be still and listen; imagine that! The answers do come eventually, and often at times when we least expect them to. We rethink situations and feel more at ease with responding to them when we have had time to just release them outward.


I’ve always desired to just “know” innately what to do whenever a situation arises, but sometimes I don’t and that truly is okay. Life is constantly teaching me this, along with a dose of patience. I remember a time in my life when making big decisions sometimes caused me anxiety and I would purposely give the decision-making over to someone else, but the dependency was causing problems. I had a voice, it was loud and clear when I wanted it to be, but drowned out when I was too scared to open up. Today, I exercise my voice in my writing, talking and even through silence because sometimes it truly is silence that speaks a thousand words.

A place of stillness

Go inside of yourself to that place, that place that holds your heart and spirit together. Bask there, rest there and know that when you feel pure bliss, you are living in truth. These words are shared from me to you, but I am also heeding my own message. I feel like myself in this place, genuine love encompasses me and I feel ready to face my doubts with acute precision. Introspect overtakes me and through the stillness, the peace, the answers come.

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