Holding on…

The disconnect is real…and if there is one thing that I am learning right about now is that we need to learn to be there for each other better. There is no status, no post, no replacement for a listening ear, a meaningful hug or real human connection. I swear I go back and forth about using social media…in one way, I am thankful that we have come so far and can utilize technology to do almost anything. But on the other hand, I feel like it really is not helping us as a society. New phones are always coming out that can do better than the last version, the rules of some social media sites are changing¬†drastically and not for the better, in my opinion; I mean, I feel like nothing is private or sacred anymore. The other day, my youngest daughter said “Mama, the future and what it will be like 20 years from now kind of scares me”…that really made me wonder. What exactly will be going on? How will we handle the impending changes? Are we even aware or are we just going with the flow? I would like to feel like it is all going to be okay, but more and more I yearn to come away from the madness…who out there sees beyond the bullshit? Please tell me it is not just me. I don’t need a goddamn phone that can scan my face in order for it to be unlocked (the new iPhone). That is a little too much, and yeah, I don’t have to buy it, but I thought I would share my feelings about it.


I don’t like that we can post any and everything we see or hear about, in fact, it disgusts me. Some things just DON’T need a share button. The attempt at creating fear tactics is real. There were and still are ways for folks to watch the news if they want to, on television at five or six pm and then again at 11 pm if they missed it. Now, when I sign on to Facebook or Instagram, there are posts about some of the most heinous crimes and I have no choice in whether I see it or not, please spare me about the “notifications” or “settings” options because they are pointless…People are creating personal pages for the tiniest members of our society; babies…nobody cares anymore about exploiting their children for likes, the disconnect is real.

I most definitely am not speaking about general posts of our children, hell I post pics of my kids once in a while. I am talking about going on Instagram and seeing little babies dressed up like mini adults and the traffic that follows. You can not open up Pandora’s box like that on your precious baby and think it is going to pan out well. There are sick people in the world we live in…my children don’t have an Instagram yet and they are well beyond babyhood. It is honestly about the direction one is going, their intentions. Not everyone has good intentions, believe that shit.

And how interesting is it that the things of value, love, and peace are monitored closely and shut down if deemed “inappropriate”. Breastfeeding posts, birth posts, love between two women, love period is questioned…meanwhile, it is okay to have access to and post unspeakable news stories for all the world to see…never mind the grieving families! Where do we draw the line already?? How can I be excited about a future that will support more ways of being disconnected? I can’t…in fact, my hope is to have a cottage in the country to live out my crone (elder) years. I am simple, not complicated. I will keep doing what I know is right and hopefully shed light on what needs to change. We think we are all good, we think this is the new normal and we just roll with it, but it is not a “normal” way to live. A baby, if denied human connection and touch will wither away and die. Think about how closed in we are becoming in our own little worlds, no touching, no love, just blaring screens and posts that cannot love us back.

Much Love, Lisa