Star Fish


So ready for your dreams and sweetness…share with me what is inside of your head…what is flowing? You possess innate knowing and I feel it…Looking towards the stars and Eye see you, coming out to shine. The secrets you share will be yours and mine, thank you for trusting me to keep them. I love the twinkle behind your magical eyes; you truly are an ethereal prize, to be treasured and loved. Pisces, the sign that is always between two worlds…the artist who will never even begin to explain their work, because it is deeper than them. An abyss of wonder, magic and many lifetimes…genuine old souls with beautiful spirits; Star Fish.

You. Are. Love.

Let it sink in like rain, softly at first but then with much force…Don’t shy away until you can feel it making its way to the deep core of your heart…let it stay there and transform you from inside out. Meditate on its gifts, on the gift of you and cry if you need to…You. Are. Love.



Deer Woman


With a crown of flowers upon my head, I step lightly through the forest…magic is all around me and I take it in with my warm, watery eyes. I am quiet, observant, light on my path but I always know where I am meant to travel. I can be shy but I am not afraid. I do however, prefer to stay hidden, safe in the shelter of towering trees, as there are things that can hurt me that I don’t readily see. Sounds of birds calling are music to my ears and they are also my alarm if there is danger. I pay attention to rhythms and cycles in my sanctuary, they keep me alert and aware. I find that keeping quiet allows me to really hear what I need to hear. I listen with my heart, finding that it beats with peace when I am at peace. Things are not always what they seem, it hurts to know that this world can be cruel and mean. I do not allow this to stop me, I just keep walking, living and being. Deer woman is who I am, queen of stillness and lover of the forest.


Was up late last night, writing to my heart’s desire. I love when words spread like wildfire inside me…I can’t get enough, I know I’m not ready to sleep and so I make a hot cup of tea. What else will come from deep within me? Reviewing, looking at old entries, back then writing was a breeze. But I’m a grown woman now, it’s time to talk about things that will leave folks “wowed”. As I climb this magic totem pole, there is nothing under the sun for me to write about that isn’t long overdue or too old. It’s been time to open up and share, write like I really don’t care because I don’t. My job is to express what is not being talked about in the masses, or even how I feel when I leave a special class…expression is the greatest gift, gives my soul a much needed lift…every time I agree to write something, I am sharing a piece of me for you to see. Are you ready, do you see me? I’m here and not going anywhere. I will be sitting by candlelight, fingers moving steadily typing as fast as thoughts hit me…


Eye am…

Eye can see…the stars shine differently to me at night when I stare at them. I feel that I am among them, so magical and free. I love this journey, for it is forever presenting me with new possibilities…of viewing what has been there all along, but now I can truly overstand the words to the songs…they were not clear before, I always felt like I needed more. But let me not forget what is in store. I think and therefore, Eye am. Crystal clear like the blue sky, soothing like the gentle breeze…only eye can set my mind at ease…and I should! For there are no regrets, only lessons…no more wishing for what “could” have happened. Eye am in the here and now, I want to scream it out loud. The present is a gift for you and Eye…ever aware of it am I…


No words…just emotion

Some cannot accept the intensity of me…the waxing and waning of my emotions, often makes folks flee…but that is okay. I’m not a “one size fits all” kind of woman and so it is fine by me. You won’t catch me crying tears over you, but I will see you again, trust me and when I do, it is you that will be crying. I do love you and I always will, but you just have too strong of a will. You want things your way, no matter what I do or what I say. Any day but today, I would have been okay with that logic, but you can take that and kick rocks with it. Let me shine for a damn change, stop blocking me with your clouds of gloom and doubt when what I really want to do is shout to the top of my lungs, sing my song that has yet to be sung. Oh you get it now? Great, because the “explanation” bit has grown quite old…and we both know that we are too mature for such childish antics. So let me scoot on with the quickness, I don’t want to miss this life, waiting around for you to feel “alright”…


Beautiful just the way you are…each of you a Star <3


I had been working on this piece for a couple of weeks, and now it is complete! I love studying the astrological signs, it is intriguing, yet fun to me. I’ve compiled a few short lines about each sign…I wrote this purely from personal experience (from friendships especially) and also from what I’ve learned thus far…to me, the descriptions are heart felt; enjoy!


Light like a fairy, her wings carry her high, she really could surpass the sky…but sometimes, she is working overtime in her mind, as she has two sides..the sign of the twins, Gemini is yin and yang…


Fiery Mama; down to her heart and soul…Leo loves intensely; from the beginning til days of old. Led by the Sun and always bright, many are warmed by her enduring light, but do not test the Lioness, lest you risk her bite…


Precious Dove; knows what love feels like emotionally, creates such beautiful art in the way she lives; sometimes she travels to places we cannot see…who am I speaking of? The Ethereal Old Soul; aka Pisces…


Live and direct and oh so super fly…She says what she means and means what she says…Queen Aries, much too busy for frivolous worries…


Divinely intuitive Scorpio, got me wishing I could read minds too… What a gift, so intense, passionate and protective she is of those she adores. Yet one of the sweetest of souls right down to her core.


Adventurous spirit, mind tingling vibe; she travels many places to connect with her tribe. Expansive, loving and connected with her mind; truly a gem of a soul and a sign of the times…


Endearing face and enveloping eyes, listen to her words as they are usually wise…connect with her where the moon meets the Sea. Her familiar home, never too far away does she roam…


Life is a beautiful idea, she balances it with lovely antidotes, thrives off reminders of what she enjoys the most.


She is the Water-Bearer, but not necessarily with her tears…she is light years away, always something so truly profound to say…


Quite captivating and classy, creatively in tuned…she works hard for herself, always feeling a need to improve. Capable and willing to go the extra mile, and if you want to experience joy, just look at her smile…


Earthy girl, living in her elemental world; the earth’s inhabitants are truly her friends…the peace she feels within when making the deepest of connections ties it all in…


Fierce in her approach, not timid in the least…a voice that is confident and her surroundings, so neat…her heart beats to the tune of her special song…she cares for and loves deeply the things that make her strong.

Drumming Circle

Drumming Circle

Sister circle

With every pound to the drum,

My hips moved to the rhythm, familiar to me.

I did not miss a beat…took hold of me and

Would not let go…

The Drums Know; I listen and I feel, from

My head to my heel.

Feet pounding the Earth; music in my Soul-

The beat takes me back to a time long ago…

My womb vibrates to the echo-

I move along; just so…


Creating from the heart

I’m very excited to say that my latest writing project has included an E-book for children. I wrote the words and all illustrations were created by my daughters. They have always loved to draw and I have always loved to write…so, we put the two together and this is our first creation. We are hoping to have many more to come. What is unique about our books lies in the illustrations. There are beautiful drawings as well as photography to accompany the warm poems in this book. I’m hoping to initiate a life long love of creating from the heart; which is what these gifts that we possess as writers is all about.

Precious Pisces

Pisces; Sweet Mystics, eyes of wonder and wisdom beyond their years…”Old Souls” they are called and rightly so, for what you are thinking, they almost always know…This is a sign that is near and dear to me and mostly because I have many a Pisces tugging on my heart strings. The sign of completion and culmination of the zodiac, the folks that you will rarely see “react”. They are too busy creating beautiful art or caring for someone with their larger than life hearts. Into their ethereal world is where they retreat, for sometimes life’s woes can be too much to defeat. Be patient and know that it has to be just so…for if you are truly connected, you will feel their precious love flow.