Deer Woman


With a crown of flowers upon my head, I step lightly through the forest…magic is all around me and I take it in with my warm, watery eyes. I am quiet, observant, light on my path but I always know where I am meant to travel. I can be shy but I am not afraid. I do however, prefer to stay hidden, safe in the shelter of towering trees, as there are things that can hurt me that I don’t readily see. Sounds of birds calling are music to my ears and they are also my alarm if there is danger. I pay attention to rhythms and cycles in my sanctuary, they keep me alert and aware. I find that keeping quiet allows me to really hear what I need to hear. I listen with my heart, finding that it beats with peace when I am at peace. Things are not always what they seem, it hurts to know that this world can be cruel and mean. I do not allow this to stop me, I just keep walking, living and being. Deer woman is who I am, queen of stillness and lover of the forest.

Peaceful places…

There is something so magical, so special about being in the forest…all around me life is constantly unfolding, everything has a purpose. Faeries abound in tiny flowers, bees buzz around, oblivious to me watching in wonder. Shadows are cast when the clouds cover the sun’s light, but I am never afraid. I once was lost in the forest, and found my way out by using moonlight as my guide. I was nervous, a little uneasy but not frightened for I knew I was safe. Telling that story now will bring a smile, but it didn’t at first for a long long while. It is amazing how events in our lives can change how we see things. All it takes is an experience or two or more to see with new eyes. I know that Earth is our mother, she gives life in so many ways…forever grateful am I for this truth. She gives us carpets of beautiful flowers, thick lush greenery, water so pure, and endless paths to walk along to see it all. Why don’t more people spend time in such places? We cannot find this via apps on our phones, oh yes, there are pictures, but BEing in this space gives us the peace we are so busy trying to find elsewhere…

Nurtured by nature

My mind right now is like a blank canvas…Perhaps I can color it with thoughts of beautiful things…like the unfolding of a butterfly’s wings after she emerges from her cocoon. Lately, I have not felt much like going to places where there is so much noise that I cannot focus on my own thoughts…I have found solace in nature, and peace of mind. It has been my place of refuge, the trees sheltering me and giving me a sweet and soft breeze. I am home in the places where birds chirp and the webs of spiders glisten in the sunshine. Nature is so nurturing…tapping me softly on the shoulders and giving me new visions. In the stillness, I am at peace.



Under this tree

Under this tree

“I daydream about sitting under a tree, feeling my emotions run free with the breeze. I gaze around and drown in my words; creating poems out of that emotion I know as love.” It is so easy sometimes to relax in the mundane but what of that world we truly long for in our lives? The one in which the love we have for ourselves takes precedence over other things. I wonder what it would be like for everyone to try this; for an hour each day just sitting under a tree and allowing your thoughts to be free. Free from constraints and what ifs and worries. I think it would help tremendously. Absorbing the energy from Earth by sitting in the midst of it is a strengthening act to me as a woman…”communing in nature” if you will. I make sure that I take time to be in a quiet space outside, it helps my spirit and I am still, I am listening and I’m more aware. The richness that surrounds me is pure love and it strengthens me. There are many options for tapping into the energy of nature; parks, beaches, forests, nature trails, camping, sitting near the lake, or sitting under a tree… How sweet would it be for us to return our love to Mama Earth by spending time with her when the opportunity arises? How sweet would it be for our own well being? We owe it to ourselves to take time alone and just be…

Peace at the park

Yesterday evening was very lovely for me and I treasured every moment…I’d had a long day, even a few energetically exhausting moments and I needed some time and a place to go where I could just exhale the excess of the day. I chose to drive over to a park near my home, thankful that the evening sun would be shining a little longer. The park has many trails as well as stables for the horses that live there, and I quickly became excited about seeing them at this time of day. As I drove through and parked my car, I glanced over at the fields and saw one of the horses running around and it was a treat! Usually when I come to this park, the horses are standing around, munching on grass or walking along slowly. I noticed how the sunlight illuminated the different coats of these majestic animals and also how their muscles twitched occasionally. I walked over and leaned against the painted wooden fence separating visitors from the horses and I just watched them intently. I noticed how peaceful and gorgeous they were, just being in their element; outside in the setting sunlight. I sat on a bench nearby and wished I had brought along something to write in, but also remembering that I came to unwind. I looked around and noticed a few other people walking trails, biking and fishing and made a mental note to come to this place more often. I began to feel a chill in the breeze as the sun came closer to setting while simultaneously noticing a rumble in my stomach. I bid the horses goodbye as I began to walk slowly back to my car. I thought of how thankful I was that I obeyed my intuition and came to this park before the day was over, it was so needed. I felt energized by being in the stillness and absorbing the beauty around me.