Peaceful places…

There is something so magical, so special about being in the forest…all around me life is constantly unfolding, everything has a purpose. Faeries abound in tiny flowers, bees buzz around, oblivious to me watching in wonder. Shadows are cast when the clouds cover the sun’s light, but I am never afraid. I once was lost in the forest, and found my way out by using moonlight as my guide. I was nervous, a little uneasy but not frightened for I knew I was safe. Telling that story now will bring a smile, but it didn’t at first for a long long while. It is amazing how events in our lives can change how we see things. All it takes is an experience or two or more to see with new eyes. I know that Earth is our mother, she gives life in so many ways…forever grateful am I for this truth. She gives us carpets of beautiful flowers, thick lush greenery, water so pure, and endless paths to walk along to see it all. Why don’t more people spend time in such places? We cannot find this via apps on our phones, oh yes, there are pictures, but BEing in this space gives us the peace we are so busy trying to find elsewhere…

Expansion and expression

I was at the library the other day with my girls, looking around for something interesting to read, my top subjects usually being; astrology, spirituality, traveling, cultural history and birth…My oldest daughter picked a book from a shelf titled: “The Language of the Goddess”, saying, “how about this one”? It was pretty thick and looked as if it had been around for some time. The cover of the book was one of those old school cloth covers and the sun as well as time had faded the color. I decided I would check it out after flipping through it. A few days had gone by and I found myself quite busy with end of the year to do’s and such; but last night, I opened the book I had checked out from the library and began reading. The introduction alone told me that I was in for some good reading. There are images of sculptures dating back thousands of years, pictures and illustrations of how the Goddess was represented and revered in different cultures. Revered for the mystery that surrounded her and also respected in regards to her life-giving energy.

Summer Solstice post 2013

“The main theme of Goddess symbolism is the mystery of birth and death and the renewal of life, not only human but all life on earth and indeed in the whole cosmos. Symbols and images cluster around the parthenogenetic (self-generating) Goddess and her basic functions as Giver of Life, Wielder of Death, and, not less importantly, as Regeneratrix, and around the Earth Mother, the Fertility Goddess young and old, rising and dying with plant life. She was the single source of all life who took her energy from the springs and wells, from the Sun, Moon and moist Earth. This symbolic system represents cyclical, not linear, mythical time. In art this is manifested by the signs of dynamic motion: whirling and twisting spirals, winding and coiling snakes, circles, crescents, horns, sprouting seeds and shoots.”~The Language of the Goddess by Marija Gimbutas

My youngest daughter has been drawing as long as she has known how to hold a crayon, pencil and now pen, in that order. Her drawings have a lot of symbolism for her to be so young. I have always felt that she expresses herself through her drawings and illustrations, just as I express myself through my writing. It is deeply felt and the energy manifests itself as endless creativity. Has she tapped into that power at such a young age because of what she naturally feels within regarding who she is and what her life means? I often wonder what she is thinking about when she draws, but just as I can’t always pinpoint exactly what I feel when I write, I know it is always inspired by deep emotion. As I read the above passage again, I noted what was expressed about spirals and what they mean in art. My daughter draws spirals very often and is quite rooted in nature. She shows this in her pieces and they have become much more noticeable and unique.

"What drawing is to her, writing is for me, a passion. When creative energy takes over, love is expressed via art and all forms of it.
“What drawing is to my child, writing is for me; my voice and my passion. When creative energy takes over, love is expressed via art and all forms of it.

It means so much to me when I see my girls tapping into their inner creativity, their life force that is a manifestation of the Divine Feminine. This is powerful, pure and untapped energy! Imagine how beautiful it would be for us to nurture each girl in this way, allowing her to unfold in her creativity without inhibitions. We are expanding and expressing our consciousness about the world around us and what we are embodying as women and girls. We are creating, feeling ever more deeply and receiving new, life-giving messages.

Love and Light, Lisalotusqueen