A Midwife’s Promise


“And I promise, I vow to do this work with all of my heart…to recognize every birth as a work of art. I will help keep the gates clear of loud noises, bright lights and will help every mama to make consented choices. Come little one, you are safe, your entrance into this world, with love I will help to create…”



Lotus flowers and birth power

So, I have this huge dream of mine that I plan to make a reality…it all began some years ago when I was expecting my first child. The midwife I had at the time owned a birth center and it was a beautiful home that she’d bought. She turned each of the rooms into “birthing” rooms where mothers could labor and deliver their baby. I remember the softness of the rooms, the bright sunshine that poured into them and the warm colors in the home. I fell in love with the idea and didn’t think more about doing it myself until now. I am currently a doula, and I am planning to become a midwife. I want my birth center to be in the heart of the city, and I want to be there for mothers and families during one of the most beautiful experiences of their lives; the birth of a child.


I like to call myself a “seasoned” doula. I have experienced many seasons in birth; winter, summer, spring and fall. I know what it is like to be in this beautiful space with a mother…I also know what it is like personally. Having had my own personal experiences with birth and loss, I don’t think there is a mother out there that I could not be there for. Doulas, midwives and birth-workers in general are needed now more than ever before and I am ready to pick up where I’ve left off. I can hear the calls, feel the energy and see the need. I cannot deny what I love, what my gift is and what brings me so much joy… Birth and all the energy surrounding it gives me life. I’ve never not teared up at seeing a new life come into this world…It is time to return to innocence! So it will be. I see a big space, with a nice porch, a yard with lots of trees and flowers for those moms who want to be outside during their laboring hours…I see paintings adorning the walls of moms and babies…I see myself; talking with and encouraging my clients just as my midwife did for me in the months preceding my birth. I feel so complete when I think about it all…I even envision my daughters being a part of this dream. I can’t wait to make it a reality…the only thing that awaits me, is me…

“sweet little spirit, we await your presence…ever patient are we for you to come, take your time precious one”

I think I will have this engraved above the door to the entrance of my birth center. 🙂