Momma sees…

We know we get under your feet Momma…we know we walk slow when you need us to keep up. Thank you for always being there…and thank you for when you are not. We know you are nearby, watching to see that we are safe, because this world is often a scary place. You give us tests in this life to make sure we will pass. We feel when we have disappointed you and you will not take kindly to sass..We cherish the proud look on your face when we do something right without you asking…how beautiful even are your tears when you are weary and unsure, for we know your love is never conditional; it is beautiful and pure. Precious like the day we first met, lovely as a sunset…We love you Mommađź’›

Finding joy in the journey

I have made so many promises to myself before, but this year, I intend to keep them all…more traveling, more laughing, more moments of “wow” and more love…there can never be enough love…I had a moment yesterday that made me tear up…I thought about myself and if I am doing “good” enough by my children, my family, my friends…I wondered deeply if I could do more…and how. But just as soon as that thought filled my mind, I was overcome by emotion…peace filled my womb, my spirit, my heart and a stillness came over me…I felt my spirit say; you are enough! Stop always second guessing who and what you are…I let the tears fall and vowed that I would “see” with new eyes this year…it was a cleansing process for my soul because I truly felt much better after this moment. We are so good at criticizing ourselves, being our own worst critic and feeling less than…but if we choose to disconnect from all that is going on around us and really be still, we will feel so much security in ourselves…I feel like this life is a gift and there’s so much to experience…I look forward to this moment and sweet moments to come…I guess, my thing is I’m always trying to find ways to improve myself and my relationships…I want people to know that I care and I see them being a part of my world and it makes me very happy…


Earthly pleasures; cooking and gardening

I really enjoy cooking and gardening, the two go hand in hand for me…while living in Florida; I had a few fruits and veggies growing in my garden such as Swiss chard, kale, tomatoes and basil. I even had a small mango tree! It brought me so much joy to be able to grab from my garden for meal preparations. There’s something about the way herbs, spices and colors from different vegetables add visual appeal to what I’m cooking…it is definitely something I look forward to. I relish the whole experience of creating in the kitchen and I often have music playing in the background to suit my mood when I cook…To me, it’s amazing how music can influence the process of cooking from step one to whatever! I do what works, I love to experiment in the kitchen…but when I come up with something worthy, I love to share.


I initially started a food blog on Weebly but I wasn’t really feeling the way the website was flowing. So, I said I’d take time to navigate through everything, but then that set me back with the whole plan; my food blog. I am used to Word Press and when it comes to blogging, I need familiarity, so I decided I’d just include my food blogs here! I will probably return to Weebly for another project, but for now I need to get to writing; that’s most important. I have been a foodie for as long as I can remember. I have always cherished a good meal and the delicious energy that compliments everything; the food, the laughter, the sharing. Cooking is such an all encompassing experience and it is often something we don’t look forward to. The weeks are long, we almost always need something from the grocery before the weekend arrives and we don’t really plan for meals ahead of time as much as we could. It does take time, but planning out meals helps to save time. I love to watch my children navigate their way in the kitchen, they can cook and they cook very well! It’s cool because kids almost always are interested in eating what they have cooked or made themselves. We also enjoy cooking together; it’s like a bonding time for us. We beam when we are pleased with how a dish has come out. We associate warm memories with our meals, and that is a very beautiful thing. Even if something doesn’t come out “quite right” we laugh it off and keep it moving. Such is life right?

I am a huge believer of putting love into whatever I do, especially cooking. Meals do reflect the type of energy that was put into them. I well readily tell someone that I “feel the love” in this…


And so it goes…I like experimenting, using new spices, aromatic herbs, and creating new dishes. It’s a soothing experience most times and I am totally involved in the whole process. I look forward to writing more about the pleasures of cooking and eating.

Peace and Light!

Mother Love…

Mamas everywhere, they make the world go around…it is not just enough to give her one day to remember her. She is just too special. There forever in a day, her spirit so strong and intuitive. She always knows…my mom called me this morning and sang to me over the phone. I could have cried! Her voice was so sweet…I told her that I feel that I’m a good mother because of her…she smiled through the phone, I felt it. I said mama, for you I’m truly grateful. Sacrifices they make, risks they take, promises that sometimes break and through tearful eyes she still rises…mothers; some are no longer here with us but are now only in our hearts as a memory, for those who are remembering their mamas and their embrace, know that she is there still beckoning a smile upon your precious face. I long for the day when mothers will receive the recognition that is due…we still have a long way to go. Mothers give life and praise us when we feel that we have sunk too low in the depths of despair…I can always count on my mother to care. There have been times when I’ve doubted myself, feeling like I could do better by my babies, wanting to give them all that I can…how I adore the little people in my life that remind me gently; mama you already have. I trust their words, and believe in them so much, it’s nothing like their innocent touch…I know what it is like to have a piece of my heart outside of myself…true love indeed, they’ve taught me so much about unconditional love and perseverance, I love to hear their laughter any chance I can get… “Mother is the word for God in the lips and hearts of little children”~William Makepeace Thackeray <3.

Not far away…

…When can I begin to passionately feel what is real? Venus in Scorpio, getting to the depths of it, my soul. There was never any reason not to feel, there never really is. We are human and we have intuitive antennae to guide us through this life. It doesn’t feel right when there is pain, struggle and strife. It’s like a constant bitter battle between what is wrong and what is right…nothing can soothe the heart like love, or push us into ourselves with a hearty shove. Self realization is the truth and so is self love…It feels good to wrap my arms around myself and say, it’s okay. “Just remember to  vibrate what you truly are, love unconditional from somewhere not too far away…”


Pieces of my heart

Bits and pieces of myself, scattered all over the world, ever since I was a little girl…I’ve felt torn, my spirit overwhelmed from overthinking life. What to do next? It seems easy enough to pick up and leave, but with a sigh and a heave of my chest, my best is still not always my best. I lose interest in the mundane, there are only two people in this life that keep me sane. My moon and my sunshine, there with me since the beginning of time. Striving to do right by them, oh how I keep testing myself…but what if I don’t pass? What if it all turns out to be a disaster, a plan that I have yet to master? All I really want is love and laughter, it is precious to me, and it’s always there for me. Snow falling, voices calling and I’m not sure if I can hear clear enough…this life can be tough. Picking up the pieces now that are scattered and putting them back together to create and assimilate…me.



One Love