New moon and new year intentions


I compiled a list of intentions on this first beautiful day of January. I am brimming with excitement about what this New Year has in store and in an effort to keep up with my intentions; I plan to post reminders where I can see them. I enjoy sitting quietly and allowing my mind to flow to my desires and bring them into being. Some intentions were simple, but there were also some that demanded attention. “Exercise;” simple enough, and absolutely no excuse why it can’t be done; I love to walk, there is a fitness room in my community, and parks as well as beaches are close by. Okay, starting this weekend…done!

Other important intentions I included were; creating time during my day to just let my mind go silent, stop the chatter and relax. Easier said than done for a Gemini with a Virgo ascendant, but it can be done and I intend to work at it. I also came up with, “Receive love, assistance, a compliment, a look, a gift, a new friendship, a subject to think about, especially if it makes me smile.” Receptivity is high on my list of intentions; it’s not always been easy to simply accept without feeling the need to repay kindness shown to me each and every time. Of course it’s wonderful to give and receive but it’s just as beautiful to receive; especially as a woman. Our receptivity is key to a healthy spirit, often times we create with what we receive.  And when we allow others to show their love for us by receiving a kind gesture, we are in turn tuning into our receptive side. How do we consciously feel when we are shown love? Given a compliment or admired for our strength? What thoughts are we creating inside when we are in such moments? Do we have a tendency to look for reasons why we should feel worthy of receiving? I have definitely been guilty of that last one. But change is inevitable and I willingly open my heart to it.

“I intend to release my fears and anxieties about myself and my future;” this one is huge for me. I know all too well what it is like to suffer internally; showing the world one face while crying silently on the inside.  I have allowed my fears to get the best of me in many instances; situations playing out in my head mentally and suffering unnecessary physical anguish over scenarios that have yet to play out. Fear should not have such power over my life; but it has before. The wonderful thing is that in growing stronger inside; I have found healthier ways of dealing with the energy of fear. Life has taught me not to repress anything I’m feeling, even it may not be pleasant. Many of us as women grew up without being encouraged to own our emotions; and so they stayed inside. Quickly getting over unpleasant emotions is not a sign of strength; we are not stone pillars meant to withhold our tears, anger and sadness. Sit by a body of water, listen to its sound, write your feelings; release!

Lastly, “Ensure a peaceful transition into this new year. In all of the excitement that is going on right now, it’s important to make the transition into this year a peaceful one.

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