Floating seeds…planting dreams

…If ever there was a time where I am feeling like I’m floating, it’s now…dreams are now realities…there’s a road ahead made of blue crystal and the sunshine is shining more intensely than ever…time has shown me what I’m truly made of…because I’ve had nothing but time to contemplate and heal what hurts…I’ve forgiven myself, I’ve asked others to see me in a new light and I let go of so much worry, pain and the need to be too strong when I could be soft and vulnerable…Knowing deep down that the Creator; Goddess/God and my Ancestors have been ushering me towards this moment and all that is attached to it; what it will create, what will unfold. …And now, here I am…giving new life to who Eye am…



Inner longing…

Expanding, making room for all that I truly desire…yoga this morning to open up to myself…I looked up as the trees were looking down…their limbs all around, seemingly dancing in joy. I celebrate this journey for it has been my own, I’m claiming each and every experience and giving myself permission to forgive and forget, because that is how my soul stays strong. Can’t stay thinking about all of the wrongs and trying to make them right in my sight. As long as I focus on what matters, I’ll get pass all the mad hatters…I’m told I smile a lot, or at least when I’m out and about, there’s a smile on my face without a doubt…so thankful I am to have this expressed about me because for a long time, anger and sadness filled my heart and it sank into an abyss…the only way out was up and I’m still rising…I don’t feel like hiding anymore, who I am and what I am about…in fact, I’m learning each day to learn to do without what I’ve been so used to relying on…tread new paths, work that magic and don’t be afraid of it…it’s been there all along, just waiting for me to believe in it and tap in…


Pieces of my heart

Bits and pieces of myself, scattered all over the world, ever since I was a little girl…I’ve felt torn, my spirit overwhelmed from overthinking life. What to do next? It seems easy enough to pick up and leave, but with a sigh and a heave of my chest, my best is still not always my best. I lose interest in the mundane, there are only two people in this life that keep me sane. My moon and my sunshine, there with me since the beginning of time. Striving to do right by them, oh how I keep testing myself…but what if I don’t pass? What if it all turns out to be a disaster, a plan that I have yet to master? All I really want is love and laughter, it is precious to me, and it’s always there for me. Snow falling, voices calling and I’m not sure if I can hear clear enough…this life can be tough. Picking up the pieces now that are scattered and putting them back together to create and assimilate…me.



One Love

Relationships; then and now

Relationships have really been in my thoughts; manifesting them, creating them and evaluating the ones I currently have in my life. How are they benefiting my growth? In what ways have I changed? Am I holding on to relationships that I have outgrown just for the sake of familiarity? Am I allowing myself to fully be open to new relationships that will nurture my spirit in a way that I need it most?


These are not always the easiest questions to even ask of myself, but they are necessary. In the past, I have held onto relationships way past their “due date” and would totally be in another world even when the signs were there that it was just time to let go…but how? There are a million ways to let go or even steer a relationship in a new direction, but it truly depends on where we are emotionally and mentally. I think the way we identify with who we are to a person sometimes can cloud our judgement. What to do when things change? I once wrote a letter to someone I was in a relationship with; not seeing this person physically and knowing that I would not again. I read it out loud; through watery eyes as if they were right in front of me; the emotions that were tied to this person were so strong…hence the tears. I then burned the letter and washed the bits of it down the drain…this was the beginning…I stopped communicating with them, not out of anger but out of necessity…I had to move on. Sometimes, that is what is needed.


The love I had for this person was now returned to me…so that I could get the boost I needed at such a difficult time. After a while, I felt peace, knowing I created my own way of letting go. When I’m with someone and I’m at my best; I can say anything, do anything, share anything and just be emotionally free; I sense that the relationship is like food to my soul. When laughter is abundant and eye contact brings smiles, when I don’t even care about the miles, I know I am in a good space. When I can communicate my thoughts, share my wildest and deepest dreams; I feel like there is no limit to the potential that a relationship can have. I used to regret being in certain relationships, wishing I had never “wasted my time” or even finding fault with my decisions of the past. But everyone is a teacher, everyone that comes into my life is meant to show me something and I’m also meant to be a teacher for them…it may be the hardest lesson, it may be easy, but nevertheless, it is all about perspective. These days, I envision my relationships with love and full of life; present, future and even past ones; with a hint of forgiveness so that I can truly move on. After all, Love is Free…


Joy of life

“Touching the space below my breast, the space where my heart beats from my chest. So strong, so vital and full of life…how thankful I am to be alive. Joy within my soul takes hold and does not let go, even for things I may not know. How precious the breath is that I breathe in and out; feeling so at peace, releasing stagnant energy that I could truly do without.”


This has been my focus as of late, to truly be in the energy of life, living and breathing and giving thanks. It is so easy to take for granted this gift, to start my day as usual and end it as usual. I notice I even feel better, when I decide to turn a complaint into an affirmation…a declaration that today will be as beautiful as the Sun that shines over the Earth, waking me, blessing me with a fresh experience of being in the moment.


Inner peace

Let it go…release whatever you are holding onto into the ethers. It can be easier said than done at times, but it is not impossible. When we get attached to what has always been and change becomes inevitable, there is an internal conflict within; we know we need to move through a phase but we are afraid of the unknown. I don’t want to fight to be right, I just want to know what it is like to be free, open and filled with my truth. For that is my calling, to live my truth, embrace it, trust it and flow with it.