Gem Twins


We are officially in Gemini Season!! Here is to laughter, youth, adventure, and springing to action; all great things we Geminis are known for. If there was only one word to describe us, I would say it is “magical”. We are in touch with our inner child for the most part, which allows us to embrace youth around us. We will usually approach life with excitement; especially when we learn something we didn’t know before. We are known to have “two sides”…one is supposedly our “good” side and the other is, well not one that we prefer to show unless provoked. Either way, we often get a bad rap for being “flighty” and indecisive. Which is not hard to believe as we are always in our heads…but we do know how to focus and keep our attention on something. Especially when we feel it is warranted. Some of the sweetest and kindest folks I know are Geminis and I am not just saying this because I am one…I love them and how real they are…I feel like they are the “stardust” of the zodiac. Shine on Gem in Eyes!!! ❤

Gemini on a Love High

The more love that radiates from me, the more it surrounds me…

I’m so grateful and thankful for the beautiful souls that have come into my life. They are gentle reminders that help me to remember how unforgettable this journey truly is. When I hear myself laugh, it sounds so good that I want to do it again and again. When I feel myself going deeper in conversation with others, I want to keep the energy flowing like water, for words are sound and they have such potential for power. This past week has been so amazing…a most welcomed transition from all that was my life before. My birthday is in three days and I anticipate new beginnings…

The path of the Twins

My beautiful Gemini Twin…I came to see you, making my rounds…had to see you and share a laugh or two…little did I know that there would be more in store…I would feel your words deep down to my core. You must have sensed what I needed to hear that night and a poem from your collection, you did openly share. As I listened intently, something struck me so suddenly…it was as if the words you had written were all about me. I looked up at you, tears streaming down my face…and you held my hand and it seemed to hold my soul in place. You said to me, “I know,” and at that point, I released…knowing that crying was okay in that beautiful space. I was so grateful to my Sister for sharing with me, words of wisdom from her own journey. She somehow knew what I needed to hear, words that would bring me even farther away from fear. Eternally grateful for the moment and lesson, and knowing that she and I have a blessed connection. I love you, my dear Sistar, Makeeba; you are the Abstract Oracle.


My Solar Return

On this day the 10th of June, I was born into the world just after noon…How beautiful it was to take my wings and fly, into this existence known as my life. I treasure each unique experience, good and bad, whether I felt blissfully happy or heart wrenching sad. It is me, my story, the years far and near in which I have made everlasting memories and they are still so very clear.


Here I am another year older, growing in my truth and a whole lot more bolder since the days of my youth. In my thoughts and expressions, I view life as one big lesson. What will this new year open up for me? I feel as if there is so much more to experience and see. Nurturing my natural curiosity, is what brings me intense joy and playful glee. I’m so giddy to find out why, to feel as if there is no limit; like the vastness of the sky. I love the person I am and who I long to be, a woman whose dreams take her as far out as the sea. I have never wrote an ode to my birthday, but here it is, and it feels so lovely to celebrate who I am and who I am destined to be!


It’s Gemini Season!

“Gemini Twins”
I always get excited around this time of the year as the sun moves into the sign of Gemini. The days are luxuriously longer, evening walks abound and the sweet call of summer awaits me. I immerse myself in the energy surrounding the day I was born while being thankful to see another year of life and looking forward to a brand new year. It is also a time to reflect on the changes, the dreams I have for myself and most of all to embrace the steps I have taken since last year.

I feel the desire to slow my pace and reflect on a cosmically deeper level about myself. Of course I plan to celebrate with all of my heart, but I also yearn to grow into the stage I am entering. There is a newness that I am longing to embrace, a time of youthful excitement even though I am getting older! Maybe it is that ever youthful spirit that Geminis are gifted with, that exuberance about life that we possess. What will I learn this year, what can I apply to my life that I feel more confident about now? I think of the stages I went through to get to where I am now. I still have farther to go though but the journey so far has been unforgettable. My priorities have changed, I view my experiences with new eyes and my fears are fading quickly. Life is just beginning for me again, on a spiritual, physical and emotional level.