Flower whisperer


I am the flower whisperer…I listen intently to what the flowers, plants, and trees tell me…I love how flowers reach out to caress my face when I kneel down to admire their beauty. “How are you growing today?” I always check in with my garden treasures, asking them what they need from me…and they tell me! My daughters chuckle often, as they watched me touch their leaves lightly and tell them I love them…”well, my loves…flowers, plants, and trees may not speak in words, but they are indeed alive and they can feel my presence.”

It is so precious and miraculous to watch a seed grow into a seedling, then taller still into a flower or tree. We don’t stop long enough to admire the ongoing process of growth around us…it truly is magical. I love gardening, my mother says I acquired this love from my ancestors; my great aunts, great-grandmother, and others in our family who had “green thumbs”. I would not doubt it at all, it is nice to know I am carrying on a family tradition. I find so much peace in the plant world, so much receptivity and tranquility. I can dig my hands in the Earths’ black gold and feel the sun warming me as I allow my thoughts to just rest, while I garden. I don’t take this gift for granted, for in my plants I also see me…I see others, I see life and love. It is something I cherish and have a deep respect for…the way the plant world embraces me…

Nothing soothes my soul more than gardening, well maybe except writing. The joy is that I can garden and also share my escapades by blogging about them. It is a win-win!!

Whisper to me your secrets of old, tell me stories that are a hundred years old…tantalize me with your summer colors, unique scent, form, and presence…I love you. ❤