He is…

Happy Birthday Little Prince…your footprints dance around in my head, goodness, you would be big! I imagine how your laugh would sound, wild and silly but cute all the same. Seven years old…bright eyes and knowing eyes like mine…energy for days, oh how you would play. Thank you for who you are to me and who I am because of you…I’m reminded of how precious life is, how fleeting a memory can be and what is expected of me as a mama…the greatest love I’ve ever known, you made me remember how strong I am. For you sweet boy, I had to be strong and go through the fire, but look now at your mama; a phoenix having risen many times, burning a new pathway for herself and her dreams…


I love you now and forever…




My Solar Return

On this day the 10th of June, I was born into the world just after noon…How beautiful it was to take my wings and fly, into this existence known as my life. I treasure each unique experience, good and bad, whether I felt blissfully happy or heart wrenching sad. It is me, my story, the years far and near in which I have made everlasting memories and they are still so very clear.


Here I am another year older, growing in my truth and a whole lot more bolder since the days of my youth. In my thoughts and expressions, I view life as one big lesson. What will this new year open up for me? I feel as if there is so much more to experience and see. Nurturing my natural curiosity, is what brings me intense joy and playful glee. I’m so giddy to find out why, to feel as if there is no limit; like the vastness of the sky. I love the person I am and who I long to be, a woman whose dreams take her as far out as the sea. I have never wrote an ode to my birthday, but here it is, and it feels so lovely to celebrate who I am and who I am destined to be!