Gem Twins


We are officially in Gemini Season!! Here is to laughter, youth, adventure, and springing to action; all great things we Geminis are known for. If there was only one word to describe us, I would say it is “magical”. We are in touch with our inner child for the most part, which allows us to embrace youth around us. We will usually approach life with excitement; especially when we learn something we didn’t know before. We are known to have “two sides”…one is supposedly our “good” side and the other is, well not one that we prefer to show unless provoked. Either way, we often get a bad rap for being “flighty” and indecisive. Which is not hard to believe as we are always in our heads…but we do know how to focus and keep our attention on something. Especially when we feel it is warranted. Some of the sweetest and kindest folks I know are Geminis and I am not just saying this because I am one…I love them and how real they are…I feel like they are the “stardust” of the zodiac. Shine on Gem in Eyes!!! ❤

Star Fish


So ready for your dreams and sweetness…share with me what is inside of your head…what is flowing? You possess innate knowing and I feel it…Looking towards the stars and Eye see you, coming out to shine. The secrets you share will be yours and mine, thank you for trusting me to keep them. I love the twinkle behind your magical eyes; you truly are an ethereal prize, to be treasured and loved. Pisces, the sign that is always between two worlds…the artist who will never even begin to explain their work, because it is deeper than them. An abyss of wonder, magic and many lifetimes…genuine old souls with beautiful spirits; Star Fish.

Full Moon Vibes…

Be YOU… Lose the facade, the mask and express who you really are…not only what you can do. Eye can see my depth, my darkness, my light; my other side…the mask was there to show the world around me, yes, I’m still the me that you are aware of and are familiar with, but I can NEVER let you see all of me. I’m fearful that I will not be accepted…No, my Loves…What Eye feared the most was actually what I NEEDED the most… And with these few words, I’d like to feature a song by one of my favorite musicians; Bjork…with not only a Sun in Scorpio, but Moon and Rising…Oh and Happy Full Moon Blessings! This song is so raw, emotionally intense and real… So don’t be afraid to have a listen…

Beautiful just the way you are…each of you a Star <3


I had been working on this piece for a couple of weeks, and now it is complete! I love studying the astrological signs, it is intriguing, yet fun to me. I’ve compiled a few short lines about each sign…I wrote this purely from personal experience (from friendships especially) and also from what I’ve learned thus far…to me, the descriptions are heart felt; enjoy!


Light like a fairy, her wings carry her high, she really could surpass the sky…but sometimes, she is working overtime in her mind, as she has two sides..the sign of the twins, Gemini is yin and yang…


Fiery Mama; down to her heart and soul…Leo loves intensely; from the beginning til days of old. Led by the Sun and always bright, many are warmed by her enduring light, but do not test the Lioness, lest you risk her bite…


Precious Dove; knows what love feels like emotionally, creates such beautiful art in the way she lives; sometimes she travels to places we cannot see…who am I speaking of? The Ethereal Old Soul; aka Pisces…


Live and direct and oh so super fly…She says what she means and means what she says…Queen Aries, much too busy for frivolous worries…


Divinely intuitive Scorpio, got me wishing I could read minds too… What a gift, so intense, passionate and protective she is of those she adores. Yet one of the sweetest of souls right down to her core.


Adventurous spirit, mind tingling vibe; she travels many places to connect with her tribe. Expansive, loving and connected with her mind; truly a gem of a soul and a sign of the times…


Endearing face and enveloping eyes, listen to her words as they are usually wise…connect with her where the moon meets the Sea. Her familiar home, never too far away does she roam…


Life is a beautiful idea, she balances it with lovely antidotes, thrives off reminders of what she enjoys the most.


She is the Water-Bearer, but not necessarily with her tears…she is light years away, always something so truly profound to say…


Quite captivating and classy, creatively in tuned…she works hard for herself, always feeling a need to improve. Capable and willing to go the extra mile, and if you want to experience joy, just look at her smile…


Earthy girl, living in her elemental world; the earth’s inhabitants are truly her friends…the peace she feels within when making the deepest of connections ties it all in…


Fierce in her approach, not timid in the least…a voice that is confident and her surroundings, so neat…her heart beats to the tune of her special song…she cares for and loves deeply the things that make her strong.

I’m letting go!

Let go

I love to have music playing in the background when I’m writing, it really inspires me and gives me extra creative energy. Perhaps it’s that duality playing itself out in my Gemini mind, always seeking to do more than one thing at a time. I don’t mind though, it keeps my mind churning. So, as I was getting into my YouTube playlist; a favorite tune of mine exploded into my ears; Janelle Monae’s “Lettin’ Go”. As I listened to the words, I felt the message loud and clear. I felt the pull to let it all go, the worries, the fear, the anxiety about my life. I went to the ocean last night and basked in the Full Moon energy of Scorpio, I honored the new stage I am now entering in my life. The stage of “letting go.” And what a cheerful way to honor this stage, listening to this song and allowing its upbeat tempo to flood me with joy. It truly is something to celebrate. I have held on too long, to perceived outcomes, to my pride and to strong emotional reactions to things I cannot control. I prepared myself for this time by clearing my living space, clearing my mind and opening my heart to new possibilities. When I let go, I make room for my spirit to grow like the flowers and plants in a well nourished garden. What are you letting go of?