Simple Abundance…

I recently read through a book titled, “Simple Abundance” and it belonged to the mother of a good friend of mine. As I flipped through the pages, the sweetness of the words called to me…such beautiful, simple rituals were within the pages that have helped me further my appreciation for life. I also have been reading a book on using the elements in nature within my home for decoration…so simple and so sweet. I like that…I enjoy being immersed in how easy it is to be thankful. I’ve had to take a few steps back in my approach to creating happiness for myself. Happiness can be as simple as picking flowers to decorate my table; thank you Mama Earth for your gifts. I have a Himalayan salt lamp that I enjoy using in the evenings, lighting it by using tiny little tea-lights; the glow is so warm and inviting…healing even. The more time I take in noticing all the little things that are there in my life, the more I will be able to embrace the bigger facets of it.


I like creating meals, cooking and entertaining for those that I love. It is an art; being creative and also thankful at the same time. I pour love into my very being or at least I am getting better at it. Before, I had to have “reasons” to really embellish this joy…but I am here, I am on this journey to be oh so appreciative of it. I remember my mother telling me not to frown so much or my face would get stuck in a frown…Most times, children don’t need reasons to smile, they just do. We all were this way once, and now it is time to return to this natural way of being. Even if I’m not where I truly want to be right now, I can be open to what I see and envision. Reading, loving, singing and creating are all free…there is no cost to those aspects of life. I like using what I have to create something even better…my spirit feels the authenticity.