Perfect analogy




Precious one


I will twist and turn to see you…even with no sound or movement I will hear you and that is because I feel you. Your heart shaped face, your large, round eyes draw me nearer until I am lost in your forest. Together, we will fly and land on the tallest of trees, so free. We will take turns sheltering each other through the night with our wings. There is a song that I plan to sing to you until you fall asleep, and then when you do, I will look upon you so very sweetly as if you are all there is. ❤

Paper thin thoughts

And I watched, so closely…following the back of her car with my eyes until it disappeared into the sunset. Where had all the time gone? The summer had just begun, now I was facing the end of it…left with bittersweet memories of impromptu road trips and promises made as we toasted our glasses of lavender lemonade. Laughter tickled my earlobes and I broke out into waves of ecstatic emotion…I hope she comes back soon.


Inspired by songs


The “Real Thing” by Jill Scott…I remember how lovely this album was to me…so raw and real. “Open dialogue” songs about love and affirming it, songs about sadness and claiming it, songs that held emotional weight from the diva herself….Truthfully, some songs are timeless; they will ALWAYS apply, no matter the situation. These days, my ears crave what I grew up listening to, there is nothing on the radio to compare to. Music is my inspiration for writing; especially when I have a lot to say…I am constantly making playlists to create a certain mood I look for when I am writing. And it helps immensely…I am very tuned into the vibes I feel during a song.

Music is often my inspiration for writing; especially when I have a lot to say and desire the respite that it provides…I make a connection to what I am writing and it helps immensely…I am very tuned into the instruments, the sounds, the words; the whole experience of music and its effects. It is the one thing that most people can remember and be inspired by; even songs they may not have heard for years.

…Some days I feel jazzy, some nights I wanna rock out, and there are moments I crave old school; in all genres…I utilize the gift of music to help inspire me as a writer and it proves to be a timeless asset. An evening of rainfall and candles can set the date for a sweet night of writing.

I treasure the steps I consciously take to help me write with more “realness”…

Happy Writing and Listening ❤