I had to let a lot of things pass, die off and be ritually recycled to create a new me. I am still in the beginning stages, and my emotions have been like waves…coming and going. But I have never felt so certain about my life as I do now. I feel confident because knowing I am taking better care of my emotional and mental health soothes my spirit. 

I definitely feel that this year is a year of “awakening” for me, a year of birthing myself. This is also my last year in my 30s and honestly, I got a bit caught up in some self-pity vibes regarding what my life should be looking like right now and it is a constant struggle to quiet that ego of mine.  My path is my own, and there is no “gold medal” for attaining things by a certain age, although striving for a better life is always on my mind. I don’t watch others and become jealous over their successes or dreams coming true and good fortune. I wish them well from deep within my heart. And it is felt! This is the kind of genuine energy that helps my own dreams come true.


It is not easy and always pretty when we are “birthing” a new self, and that is why it is so important to stay grounded. Spending more time in silence, in nature, crying, laughing and loving up on myself just a bit more has been very instrumental in creating a woman I can admire for a long time to come. I am also amazed at the beautiful things coming from my spirit, the messages, the pathways opening up for me to BE who I am meant to be at this stage of my life. Ideas are breaking open like sunflower petals do when the sun hits them, and I am feeling very warm inside. I can no longer settle for small spaces; it is time to break open and free myself!

Much Love ❤




Purple coneflower 

I got this little fighter the other day from Lowe’s. She was not in the best condition but I knew what she needed. After being repotted into a new home and clipping off the dead leaves; she made a quick turnaround! I rarely purchase plants at full price but instead prefer the markdowns because they need a second chance…for someone to believe that they still have the potential we all have; to bloom ❤ 

She is a happy plant in her new home and I can see that new little buds have appeared since I got her. Proud mama over here! I love a good challenge, especially when it comes to gardening. 

Flower whisperer


I am the flower whisperer…I listen intently to what the flowers, plants, and trees tell me…I love how flowers reach out to caress my face when I kneel down to admire their beauty. “How are you growing today?” I always check in with my garden treasures, asking them what they need from me…and they tell me! My daughters chuckle often, as they watched me touch their leaves lightly and tell them I love them…”well, my loves…flowers, plants, and trees may not speak in words, but they are indeed alive and they can feel my presence.”

It is so precious and miraculous to watch a seed grow into a seedling, then taller still into a flower or tree. We don’t stop long enough to admire the ongoing process of growth around us…it truly is magical. I love gardening, my mother says I acquired this love from my ancestors; my great aunts, great-grandmother, and others in our family who had “green thumbs”. I would not doubt it at all, it is nice to know I am carrying on a family tradition. I find so much peace in the plant world, so much receptivity and tranquility. I can dig my hands in the Earths’ black gold and feel the sun warming me as I allow my thoughts to just rest, while I garden. I don’t take this gift for granted, for in my plants I also see me…I see others, I see life and love. It is something I cherish and have a deep respect for…the way the plant world embraces me…

Nothing soothes my soul more than gardening, well maybe except writing. The joy is that I can garden and also share my escapades by blogging about them. It is a win-win!!

Whisper to me your secrets of old, tell me stories that are a hundred years old…tantalize me with your summer colors, unique scent, form, and presence…I love you. ❤


Summer Lovin’! We are fastly approaching Summer Solstice, the time when it is oh so official that summer is here to stay, at least for a few months. I am a summer baby, and I love all things related to this beautiful season. I like feeling more freed up from restricting schedules and planning fun excursions with my girls. Perusing the libraries for events, checking out books to plan new hobbies, beach days and traveling are some of my favorite things to do. There is so much more time to laugh and make precious memories. The fireflies dance their sensual dance in the night sky, cicadas sing to us and the sunsets seem so much more lovely as the days end.

Summer is such a luscious time…gardens flourish and flowers are in full bloom; proud of their beautiful petals and strong roots. We flourish too as the sun warms us from outside in.

I am in my element during summer…