Go Slow…

Lost in a whirlwind of thoughts…I have insurmountable peace when I’m silent and listening; Mmmm, spirit is always speaking…Silence is intense and definitely takes some practice in mindfully practicing it throughout my day. We are so immersed in being instantly gratified and bombarded with things to think about; that’s our norm. Being silent on purpose these days is rare unless you decide to get away from it all, on purpose; literally disconnect. I have been making an effort to practice silence, even if it’s for a 1/2 hour, a day is nice and more than a day or more often requires putting in more effort, taking a drive somewhere or planning a vacation…oh the sweet things that are revealed when I’m REALLY listening…it’s like, “okay, I have to do this more”…

Sometimes, thoughts that come in silence are helpful revelations on how to move forward…I’ve noticed some positive changes lately since I’ve been taking more time to connect intuitively with myself; really feel my spirit; the good, the not so sweet and then some. I’m learning above all not to react to every single thing going on around me or to let my thoughts scare me into instant decision making mode because that’s my ego. I honestly have to be quiet and not have anything to say at times… I gotta take a moment to remember to be in the moment.


A year of healing…rekindling my spirit

We are coming to the ending of another year; 2014 and I’m reflecting on everything that has happened in my life. I really gained momentum towards the end of this year and I am ready now to gallop into 2015 as the horse I am. As I think about how this year has impacted me, I am filled with thankfulness. I stepped up and out of my fears and cleared the space for new pathways. Forgiveness wrapped herself around my heart and others when I opened up about things that had been hurting my soul for too long. Emotional healing took place and filled my Spirit with hope for the future. New relationships began this year and I realized how important human connection is with other kindred spirits and was moved by the authenticity of them. I experienced my first womb massage and energetic cleansing of my womb space. The experience allowed me to really tune into the inherent power I have as a woman and I felt more positively connected with my womb afterward.



I wanted to release anything I had been holding so deep in my center in order to make room for new creativity and all of the potential there is. I thought of how letting go can be so strengthening to the mind, body and spirit even when it is difficult to do so. I had to let go of a lot of things…preconceived notions, relationships, fear, pain, anger and doubt. One doesn’t realize how much they are holding unto until they begin to feel lighter and actually see themselves in a new reality, one that doesn’t allow for baggage. My state of mind needed cleansing as well, from the excess “thoughts” that had taken up way too much space and time. Through affirmations, meditation, writing and finding new ways of communicating authentically, my mind has found healing. There has been doubt, there was hesitation and there was also anxiety as I went through these changes. It is not easy to break patterns that have been a way of life for so long, but it is indeed possible. I knew that in order to allow light to illuminate from within, I had to remove what has been blocking it so that it could shine. I learned more about myself as a woman and my purpose. I evaluated my current relationships and many epiphanies were revealed, much of the past came out in tears and also in anger as stagnant energy was released. The beauty of those moments was that, I could pinpoint why I was so sad, I connected the dots. I owned my emotions and disappointments, not putting myself down for those feelings but embracing myself with just a bit more empathy.  Communication became more important for me, more than it ever has before. Assumptions are bred from ignorance, misunderstandings and not communicating. The more I practiced ways of communicating authentically, the easier it became to express myself. I still have my moments, but I try not to take things so personally when it comes to communication. Time that was spent in the silence of nature so that I could also hear my own voice gave me life. Natures’ music touched my soul in the form of trees rustling, waves splashing, birds calling and serene breezes. There is excitement, anticipation and hope for the new year ahead. I see my path unfolding before me and I am ready to go wherever spirit leads me…


Full Moon in Pisces


It is time to go within emotionally…don’t hold back, don’t even try, for this Full Moon in Pisces will illuminate all aspects of yourself that you have suppressed over time. It will be very healing to your Spirit to allow the watery flow of this Moon’s energy to wash over you. What is recognized as sadness, pain and even anger will be released through our tears, dreams and subtle actions. Grieve what has been lost but at the same time embrace what has been gained…new truths, a refreshing outlook for the days ahead and a chance to truly evaluate our lives from an emotional standpoint. We cannot be logical with this moon’s energy and expect to receive the answers we need. Pisces being the sign of the dreamer, with one foot in this world and one foot in the ethers will show us those hidden mysteries. Will you be open to the flow? Don’t be afraid to listen to the voice of your inner child and go to her with love. Pisces is not a sign of directness, but a sign of compassion, empathy and deeply felt intuition. Pay attention to what you feel during this time and accept it as part of your journey. Create balance that is long overdue by acknowledging the importance of emotional release. Don’t label it or downplay it, just allow it to refresh your Spirit.


Nature is my Solace

Allow yourself to be felt with every fiber of your being. Allow each emotion that arises from deep within you to be acknowledged and embraced for what it is. Say what has been on your heart, treat yourself with love and adoration during moments when your energy is low. A walk in the park is nice, the stillness somehow has magical power over my spirit. I feel lighter as I watch birds fly from tree to tree. Sunlight illuminates my mind, spilling the contents out in the open. I don’t worry though, I just allow…for it is just me, alone and deeply in tuned with my spirit.


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Summer days, New ways…of BEing

This summer, I took a road trip to Michigan while I was in Maryland to visit with some of my beautiful sisters and share in the energy of the New Moon in Leo. The vibe was lovely, the energy was radiant and I felt my spirit rise from the love I felt. I felt overcome with joy and laughter as I connected on an emotional level with other women; sharing a common bond was like water to my soul. The encouragement to freely embrace myself where I am in my life yet desire for more was laid upon my psyche like a reassuring warm blanket. I also felt warmth and security with my family in Maryland as I always do. I felt my spirit become energized with each laugh I shared, or loving glance and also as I watched my girls create their own memories this summer in Maryland with our family and friends. I cherished this time for I knew it would pass all too soon and it did. I made the drive back home to Florida, memories in tow and no tears were shed during the drive. However, as I typed this and remembered my time at the ocean last night to welcome the Full Moon, I cried. I knew it was a form of releasing and cleansing for my Spirit…and so I welcomed the tears.

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My trip to Maryland allowed me the chance to nurture a part of myself that had subconsciously been forgotten. The mysterious part of myself that has a voice and has always been there, making me the woman I am.  I have heard her speaking for so long, but I heard her as a whisper, barely audible. Had she been there all along awaiting her turn to be heard? For years I placed her neatly on a proverbial shelf, like a book, checking in with her once in a while. But most recently, this year to be exact, she shouted so long and so loud that I could no longer ignore her. She demanded recognition and attention and would no longer settle for anything less.


This summer, I remembered how, as a little girl, my intuitive and adventurous side led the way; and how connected I was to my feelings. I was not afraid of being in nature and I loved everything about it. Walking in the woods, swinging freely on rope swings and climbing trees high into the sky excited me to no end. Skinned knees from bike races, splinters or fear never stopped me for long. My passion was unwavering as a little girl. Often I would use the term “tomboy” to describe myself as a child, but I’d like to think that I was more spirited than anything else.  As I took my girls to the home in Maryland where I spent my younger years, memories of running around the yard, picking juicy, dark blackberries off of the blackberry tree and hiding in the tall bamboo plants came rushing in. I warmly recalled how vibrant and enchanting it was to tap into those childhood memories. I also remember how much I had to say, at a very young age. I was aware of my voice and how speaking my thoughts caused either positive or negative reactions with those around me.




Somewhere along the way though, my voice quieted…It became easier to just say what others wanted to hear and be accepted than to really express myself and risk rejection or disapproval. I still had a voice, a passion and desire to be heard but the overwhelming need for approval took over and that need began to silence my spontaneity. My life experiences, quiet time alone, motherhood, my relationships, my losses and my undying will to dig deeper has kept me going and has awakened the sleeping Grizzly bear out of her slumber. I am a woman who finds passion in being her unique self and who has a voice that echoes like thunder if she wills it to. It feels so good to remember this about myself and to be among those who know their power and are not afraid of it.



I rekindled with that aspect of my being, vowing that I would never reject my true feelings; my voice.  When we have done something for so long, without giving a  thought to it, it becomes second nature; a habit. For a long time I was used to allowing others to speak for me, and thought it was okay because of who they were to me.  I didn’t want to disappoint those that I loved and I didn’t want to disagree too often for it was too much work. But what happens inside when we take that route in life? The delicate balance inside of us becomes imbalanced, we lose our voice and along with it our power. I also learned that my voice could be expressed with nonverbal action. As much as I love to use words to create articles, poems and stories, I enjoy using action as a way to express myself even more.

My family road trip is now over. I have beautiful pictures and memories swirling around in my head to remember my journey. I also have a new path, more clarity and a voice that will speak volumes as everything begins to unfold around me. I have been among other beautiful souls who speak with strength, who move with grace and defined purpose and they are all my mirrors, my reflections. I cherish the time that I had to go deep within my spirit this summer. Now is the beginning of a new awareness about myself  that I will embrace fiercely and purposefully. Love will continually be my guide. Peace and Light.



Being still and listening

Sometimes the intensity of decision-making can be overwhelming for me; especially when I over think things. I tend to weigh out each possible scenario in hopes of making the decision a little easier. I know I need to flow with what my spirit is telling me. It’s so hard sometimes though when I want answers now or clarity is seemingly nowhere to be found.


What do we do when life hands us situations that we really don’t know how to readily respond to? As a child, many decisions concerning my life were made for me, even when I became a young woman. I had to learn to trust my own intuition and learn to listen to that still voice within even with all of the commotion from others who “knew” what was best for me. It hasn’t been the easiest thing for me to do, but when I gauge how I feel deep inside about trusting myself, I feel powerful and I desire to stay in that energy.


I don’t always propose to know the answer and sometimes I feel weak when I say, “I don’t know” but in essence, there is also power in that statement. We aren’t always meant to know what to do in any given situation. Perhaps we are meant to be still and listen; imagine that! The answers do come eventually, and often at times when we least expect them to. We rethink situations and feel more at ease with responding to them when we have had time to just release them outward.


I’ve always desired to just “know” innately what to do whenever a situation arises, but sometimes I don’t and that truly is okay. Life is constantly teaching me this, along with a dose of patience. I remember a time in my life when making big decisions sometimes caused me anxiety and I would purposely give the decision-making over to someone else, but the dependency was causing problems. I had a voice, it was loud and clear when I wanted it to be, but drowned out when I was too scared to open up. Today, I exercise my voice in my writing, talking and even through silence because sometimes it truly is silence that speaks a thousand words.

I’m letting go!

Let go

I love to have music playing in the background when I’m writing, it really inspires me and gives me extra creative energy. Perhaps it’s that duality playing itself out in my Gemini mind, always seeking to do more than one thing at a time. I don’t mind though, it keeps my mind churning. So, as I was getting into my YouTube playlist; a favorite tune of mine exploded into my ears; Janelle Monae’s “Lettin’ Go”. As I listened to the words, I felt the message loud and clear. I felt the pull to let it all go, the worries, the fear, the anxiety about my life. I went to the ocean last night and basked in the Full Moon energy of Scorpio, I honored the new stage I am now entering in my life. The stage of “letting go.” And what a cheerful way to honor this stage, listening to this song and allowing its upbeat tempo to flood me with joy. It truly is something to celebrate. I have held on too long, to perceived outcomes, to my pride and to strong emotional reactions to things I cannot control. I prepared myself for this time by clearing my living space, clearing my mind and opening my heart to new possibilities. When I let go, I make room for my spirit to grow like the flowers and plants in a well nourished garden. What are you letting go of?