Spring is love

I am so happy that Spring is upon us…a time to give thanks for new life, fresh flowers, and warm weather. My “baby” girl also just turned 17! I did find myself pondering how quickly the time has flown since I became her mother. It is bittersweet knowing that I am entering into a new phase of motherhood, one where my nestlings are not so dependent on me and their Papa as much. It is of course very nice to have children that can do a lot for themselves but I still have my tearful moments. I’ve simply enjoyed being a Mom so much! Spring is a very special time and it means new babies abound in nature. πŸ’› It’s a beautiful time of year and a reminder that life is so fleeting, and so we must enjoy every minute…Happy Spring!β˜€οΈβš˜πŸŒ»πŸ’š

Giving thanks

My neighbor gave me a bag of green coconuts today, already chopped in halves! I sat outside in the sunshine and enjoyed it. It was like I was transported to the islands…I am super thankful for unexpected gifts like this…gifts that make me smile inside out.



I named my newest car Heather. She is a 2002 gray beauty and I am thankful for her. I had been without a ride since summertime of 2020. I can’t quite remember the model at the moment, but I know she is a “Mercury” something or other. She was previously owned by a woman who is now in her 90s and not driving much these days…The car was a gift from a very special and sweet spirited person. I spent a few hours yesterday happily cleaning it out and getting it ready for the road. I had some anxious moments where I thought I’d go mad if I couldn’t ride out somewhere, anywhere…I just needed to drive, to feel the wind against my skin, and hear the sound of tires against roads with no particular destination in mind.

…But alas, the Universe works in such mysterious ways. So, here’s to new adventures with Heather. πŸ’‹πŸ™πŸΎβ˜€οΈβ˜€οΈ

Soul Flowers

Looking for some beautifully written poetry from your fellow blogger? If so, I would like to invite you (my lovely followers) to check out Soul Flowers. Soul Flowers is a compilation of some of my best poems that I’ve composed over the years. I hadn’t even entertained writing an Ebook and sharing my deepest self with the world! But, alas, I came to the point of no return with this accomplishment. Sometimes we go through this whole life without ever sharing ourselves and our gifts with the world. And that should not be. I knew I wanted to share and I also yearned to connect with other writers along the way, which I haveπŸ’« I am thankful for this lifelong journey. Writing has taken me to some beautiful places!

Currently, my books are enrolled in KDP select which allows them to be available to readers outside of the States! If you are interested, head on over to Amazon (books) and type in “Soul Flowers” by Lisa Artis. From that point, you will be able to purchase. Thank you in advance for your support!

Much love πŸ’œ

Something for the little ones

When my daughters were younger, we put a little Ebook together using their art and my words for poems. We decided to call it Spirals of Love and other poems for children.

This world is changing every day but what should always remain constant is reading to children. Within this book there are poems created just for them and warm pictures they can relate to. If you are looking for something sweet and special for a child, please check this book out for purchase! You may head on over to Amazon (books) and simply type in the title along with my name; Lisa Artis. No matter where you are located in the world, my book should be available for purchase! Thank you so much for your support.

Much Love.

Never Ending Story

Does anyone else feel like they are chasing summer by the tail!? I am having a hard time believing the summer flew by with barely a whisper. It was a very weird summer and we had to celebrate in new unique ways. It seemed that there was still creativity buzzing. We got busy with projects, maybe tried gardening for the first time and we waited to see and continue to wait and see how things will pan out in this seemingly never ending story.

There is still a lot going on, but we need to do our best to find moments of joy and really enjoy them. That is usually what summer feels are…joy, ecstatic joy. Hold on to it, no matter what.

Spend time in the sunshine reading a book or listening to music. Make your favorite morning drink and watch the sunrise. Count the stars (if you can see them) at night…Make an herb garden for the window sill, it is so sweet to look at and you can pinch off of it as needed.

I didn’t want to come off as ungrateful and complaining for how this summer has gone. So, I’m hoping that the tips I left prove to be helpful. If there is nothing else to remember it’s that we HAVE to stay grounded and strong; even if it’s something simple and just for us.


Granny Midwives

Here’s to the Granny midwives, who don’t get nearly enough recognition and praise for the work they did. The roads they paved for aspiring midwives like me and so many others. I only hope that before I rest my eyes, I will be able to claim such a legacy. Blessings to these beautiful, strong Ancestors.