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In love with you…

When you go to sleep feeling so loved and wake up feeling even more loved, it is the best feeling in the world. Sometimes, we think that our actions are not noticed, the things we do or say to others. And so we do more, to say “Hey” Look at me!! Love is no doubt felt in the core of the soul when it is real; nothing can deny or cover up loves’ growing energy. Ego will die in this discovery, this search for a thirst that can only be quenched by our true reflection/s.

Reflect back to me all that you love.and as you look in my eyes, you will see it too. 



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Anger; the heart’s defense

Don’t indulge yourself in the passion of anger, it is whetting a sword to wound your own breast or murder your friend” *Akhenaton

…I am a peaceful soul, but I remember times when my anger would get the best of me. I would think something was wrong with me as I’d soak my cheeks in hot tears…often times my emotions truly were played around with and it would hurt me, then anger me. I’d pick up whatever object was near me and sling it angrily, yes, I would…I really do try to control my anger when I feel it. It is definitely not a bad emotion or something we should hurry up and move through…we should always acknowledge when we are angry because it is necessary. It is how we process anger that makes or breaks us…who hasn’t said a word to someone out of anger and regretted it afterward or done worse? I am pretty sure we all have. There was anger in my little heart for a while when I was a young girl, I think it was a defense mechanism for having been made fun of in school, witnessing things that were wrong and painful and feeling powerless about it all…it hurt. Some folks made me feel like it was wrong to be angry, they’d tell me my face will stay in a frown if I don’t smile more; I kept frowning…


I will never forget the angels in my path that helped me to realize that it is okay and healthy to be angry. There’s not a soul out there that is happy all of the damn time…we live in a world where we cannot even begin to control others, the things that go on around us or the things we hear folks say or see them do…and yes, many times we find ourselves immersed in anger! We may get furious over simple things as well, like being stuck in traffic or worse; getting a parking ticket. But again, it is all about moving through the energy of anger in a way that doesn’t bring us down. Anger is most definitely a beneficial emotion; it protects us, alerts us to what is wrong in our world, and tests us. I have been tested many times and had to retake the tests to prove that I could be angry and okay. I write, I take a walk, I cry, I yell,  I hold a crystal close to my heart, I meditate, pray for guidance or go to sleep when I am angry…usually these things work…but sometimes, I just need time, silence and patience with myself to move through. I know my limits, I know that my temper is great for things I am passionate about and for that, I don’t apologize. I do as much as I can to nurture my soul especially in these times. It is a must to balance anger out with other healthy emotions, and so it is.


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Abalone shells…

…wanting to spend time picking your brain; do feel free to rain your deepest thoughts on me…Your eyes hold so many mysteries, as far as the sea stretches-oh yes, you are full of hidden messages. The way you flow, the way you write, well damn, it’s enough to make me believe in love at first sight…Keep doing what you do because you do it so well, and hey, I’ll be waiting when you are ready to emerge from your shell; you precious pearl of a soul, you…


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Not far away…

…When can I begin to passionately feel what is real? Venus in Scorpio, getting to the depths of it, my soul. There was never any reason not to feel, there never really is. We are human and we have intuitive antennae to guide us through this life. It doesn’t feel right when there is pain, struggle and strife. It’s like a constant bitter battle between what is wrong and what is right…nothing can soothe the heart like love, or push us into ourselves with a hearty shove. Self realization is the truth and so is self love…It feels good to wrap my arms around myself and say, it’s okay. “Just remember to  vibrate what you truly are, love unconditional from somewhere not too far away…”