Beauty untold


Creating memories is what this life is all about. Pictures, poems and stories make up the sweetest parts of our hearts. We become alive when we remember something that made us smile. ❤


New Year vibes


It has been there all along…my power, waiting for me to recognize it and claim it. 2018 is going to be like a culmination of all the things I have been wanting to manifest in my life…all previous actions lead to now! I am excited to see what awaits me and my girls, the fun we will have, the memories we will create and the laughter we will share. I will continue to be a beacon of light to them and to myself. Let’s trust our innate power to create the kind of lives we want to create. No need to perform for an imaginary audience, it is all about YOU this year…let’s get it! ❤

Books and Flowers

poetry…I hope that I always have a space to grow flowers, herbs and plants. I pray that I always have books to read and learn from; simple pleasures that have always given me peace within. When I plant little seeds, I am learning about life…treasuring the earth’s bounty and gifts. If I am reading, I am learning something I did not know before. I have all that I need in the sweetness of flowers and in the power of books…

May I forever be open to learning and growing…


Let us hold each other ever so closer because I guarantee, everyone could use a hug right about now…a sincere word, an “it’s gonna be okay” followed by something fun that wasn’t planned. Like, a day trip to the country or beach, a pan of fresh baked brownies, a song sung from the heart, a poem written just for them. I guarantee there’s someone out there hurting and alone, so let’s be there for each other without any expectations. Let’s get away from assuming someone is okay because we just saw their “status” and the pics they posted on Instagram.

We. All. Are. Going. Through. Something…let’s take the time to care…it will always matter.