I have been writing so much lately…just not so often on social media; including my WordPress blogs…but I am still here. I just adore the act of my pen touching paper and the warm feelings I associate with writing. I sometimes feel like I have to have something major to talk about when I blog! But in my journals…anything goes. I love how Spring is reminding me to “be open”…like the lovely flowers I pause to notice. Opening up to the Sun in all their glory. And that is how I feel…open to being in balance with my love of writing, whether private or shared. Right now, I am also on a reading binge; filling my brain with new languages, poetry, and much more. And it feels so wonderful. I know I will want to write about it. 💗

But for now, I want to recharge, receive and remain open to possibilities, which are endless with writing.


Friends are the family we choose for ourselves…


I love my family, my blood family that is, but I would be lying if I said that I have always felt that they understood me and supported me. I have some soul connections in the form of friends that have listened to me tell them painful secrets that some of my own family does not know and vice versa. They say that our friends are the family that we choose for ourselves; how beautiful is that? I believe we have to create this kind of “spiritual” family, especially those of us who are in deep transition in our lives; transition to a new self, a new way of being.

Some of us are really going through it…smiling through pain that we may not have even shared with others. I recently watched a short clip of a video in which the narrator spoke of letting go of the “bullshit”. Letting go of people we know “good and well” don’t have our best intentions at heart. They went on to say it is time to connect with your real family; your soul family. Now, to that I could relate. By and by, more and more, people have been coming into my life for some divine ass missions; things I couldn’t see coming if I had a crystal ball the size of the Earth herself…when I really meditated on the synchronicity I have been experiencing, things began to make sense. I still often wonder what it all means and it is okay that I don’t know yet. Part of this life change that I am moving through is not having all the answers but still being at peace with the Creator’s ultimate purpose.



We can’t hold on to our old selves, and it is definitely not fair for our blood family to hold on to an old “us”. We sense the discomfort, the anxiety and the sadness because we hesitate to fully be ourselves…and that is where our soul family comes in. Chances are, they are going through the same vibes and need some sort of respite, a place where they can remove the mask and smile inside out, knowing that they are loved. I am at that place and I will never look back, except to celebrate how far I have come. It is not easy being at this crossroad but I have to choose my growth over pleasing others and appeasing others, even my family…it’s that damn important. Love will win though, it always does.

Inspired by songs


The “Real Thing” by Jill Scott…I remember how lovely this album was to me…so raw and real. “Open dialogue” songs about love and affirming it, songs about sadness and claiming it, songs that held emotional weight from the diva herself….Truthfully, some songs are timeless; they will ALWAYS apply, no matter the situation. These days, my ears crave what I grew up listening to, there is nothing on the radio to compare to. Music is my inspiration for writing; especially when I have a lot to say…I am constantly making playlists to create a certain mood I look for when I am writing. And it helps immensely…I am very tuned into the vibes I feel during a song.

Music is often my inspiration for writing; especially when I have a lot to say and desire the respite that it provides…I make a connection to what I am writing and it helps immensely…I am very tuned into the instruments, the sounds, the words; the whole experience of music and its effects. It is the one thing that most people can remember and be inspired by; even songs they may not have heard for years.

…Some days I feel jazzy, some nights I wanna rock out, and there are moments I crave old school; in all genres…I utilize the gift of music to help inspire me as a writer and it proves to be a timeless asset. An evening of rainfall and candles can set the date for a sweet night of writing.

I treasure the steps I consciously take to help me write with more “realness”…

Happy Writing and Listening ❤


Inner longing…

Expanding, making room for all that I truly desire…yoga this morning to open up to myself…I looked up as the trees were looking down…their limbs all around, seemingly dancing in joy. I celebrate this journey for it has been my own, I’m claiming each and every experience and giving myself permission to forgive and forget, because that is how my soul stays strong. Can’t stay thinking about all of the wrongs and trying to make them right in my sight. As long as I focus on what matters, I’ll get pass all the mad hatters…I’m told I smile a lot, or at least when I’m out and about, there’s a smile on my face without a doubt…so thankful I am to have this expressed about me because for a long time, anger and sadness filled my heart and it sank into an abyss…the only way out was up and I’m still rising…I don’t feel like hiding anymore, who I am and what I am about…in fact, I’m learning each day to learn to do without what I’ve been so used to relying on…tread new paths, work that magic and don’t be afraid of it…it’s been there all along, just waiting for me to believe in it and tap in…