Shout out to Yuna

Yuna has given me life with this captivating beauty of a video. I honestly have never seen anything like it before…it’s the epitome of sensual, even though it is a break up song. Only an artist with an eye for art would be able to compose something so eloquent. Watching the mesmerizing dances, the henna painted hands twirling magic into the air and listening to the lyrics made me feel so ethereal. I invite you to check this video out and allow it to permeate your being like it did with me. Music is such a lost art, I mean feel good, soul music that makes you ponder life…so we should do our best to support those who create beautiful music for us.



…Poetic, raw, true and deep within my heart is a place of complete abandon to any perceived boundaries, for there are none.


We are as real to each other as the Moon. Staying in the pure magical moments…Ethereal; existing in my heart and dancing with my soul…I am blissfully cognizant of the changes, the roots stretching so deep inside of the earth. We are tapping in and holding tight to the ways in which we grow…it seems like progress might have been slow, but no. Everything has brought us to this point. Continuing to crave love and to show it by being it. So worthy we are…



The “Awakening”

And then, it happened…I felt the pull of my innermost desires to live the life of a woman uninhibited, unafraid and filled with colorful, divine experiences. There was always an inkling, a reminder of how life could be if I opened up and set myself free. 


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As I take the time to write with more passion and purpose, I feel a new part of myself coming into being.



She has no fears, yet she takes careful strides. The waters are her ever cleansing hope especially when she visits the sea. She hears and sees nature unfolding around her and she notes when there is a message to be learned. She sensually embraces her mind, body and spirit and desires to seek how high love can reach. This is evident in how she looks in her own eyes each day, knowing that she is worthy of the same love that she has so graciously given to others. She knows that self love is healing to her deep down where she once felt unworthy. The Sun, her light of day nourishes her soul and the garden she grows. Her hands dig deep into the earth, she is ever fascinated by how the glowing warm energy initiates and sustains life. She has a deeper understanding of her emotions, feeling ever so connected to the Moon’s call…She does not always seek attention, yet she always seeks the connection with nature, other women and her daughters at those intuitive times. She is not fearful or apprehensive of her tears, she sheds them as needed, feeling lighter with each warm flow from her eyes. 

all things beautiful


A place of stillness

Go inside of yourself to that place, that place that holds your heart and spirit together. Bask there, rest there and know that when you feel pure bliss, you are living in truth. These words are shared from me to you, but I am also heeding my own message. I feel like myself in this place, genuine love encompasses me and I feel ready to face my doubts with acute precision. Introspect overtakes me and through the stillness, the peace, the answers come.

goddess (2)

Shifting into me

I feel like the energy we are in right now has slowed me down a bit more and I’m not sure how I am receiving this change. On one hand, I have been focusing more on listening to my body and being more in tuned with what is going on around me. On the other hand, I am at yet another crossroad and have to make some major decisions and fast because I have to keep going forward. I wanted to know what my next move was, I desired answers to my questions about tomorrow, the next day and even next year. Situations that I thought were going one way ended up going another way and I was beginning to get discouraged. It was during this time that I realized right now I am doing just what I am supposed to be doing, taking it all in. There are big changes manifesting, things that are working in my favor to push me into the life that I have always imagined. Spirit is making sure that I will be ready by tapping me on the shoulder and helping me to remember what is important right now. What is important is staying in the now and not being anxious about what I don’t know the answers to yet.


I have been thinking more about how beautiful life is though, and the things I may or may not always take for granted. I am thankful for my undying passion, my desire to stay the course no matter what. I have my moments but when it comes down to it, life is full of lessons. I’m thankful for the gift of laughter, it sounds small and we always hear that laughter is healthy but how many of us are really taking that truth to heart? I have been making it a point to bring more laughter in my life, knowing that it connects me with that inner child that will always need love and recognition. I thought about the abundance of love in my life, the acts of kindness that I receive, peace of mind, sight to behold the beautiful sunsets that cover the sky in ethereal beauty and so much more. When I wake, birds are outside of my window greeting the morning with their sweet songs that sprinkle my morning with just a little extra joy. The warm breeze that gently touches me when I am outside gardening in awe of how flowers open up to the sunlight without fail.


Deep inside I want to flow effortlessly with this changing energy, allowing it to navigate through my life and replace worry with faith that all is falling into its place. When I acknowledge those thoughts, I feel so good and I try to stay with them as long as I can. It hasn’t been too hard, especially knowing that change is a good thing right now. I can either fight or flow with it, intently focusing on what I long to see transpire.

Soul Level Connection

This article kind of showed up in my thoughts this morning and I wanted to write it as the words came to me. I debated on sharing such an intimate piece of myself, but then, isn’t that what writing is about? I think about why I started this space; I am remembering that I have so much to express; words and thoughts that I had been hesitant to share for so long out of fear. And as I continue to morph into the woman I am truly meant to be; I feel compelled to peel back the layers and allow my words to flow. Enjoy…

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“Build up your love for another by being in each other’s presence. Don’t speak, smile at each other, slowly begin to remove your clothes; your ego; physically and mindfully until nothing but your soul shows. Let your eyes roam over each other’s bodies, noticing each and every aspect, but don’t engage in action…just enjoy the bliss. Share a kiss or a caress, read poetry to each other if you like, delight in the sound of each other’s voices. It’s okay if passionate energy begins to rise-feel it in your heart center and allow it to disperse through your body. Allow it to massage your chakras perhaps invoking Kundalini. Hold each other, clasp hands and let your spirits dance!” (lisalotusqueen)
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 To me there is something so beautiful about this type of exchange. It speaks volumes about love; instead of acting on our primal yet inherently spiritual desire to engage in lovemaking, time is being taken to submerge in the moment when our energy is usually at it’s peak. Remembering that the brain is our most intense sexual organ is key to practicing this tantric sexuality. We can also choose to heal with this intense energy; allowing it to manifest as more than just a place we wish to reach quickly. There is such a rush to hurry through our intimate encounters; maybe it’s for the sake of time.  I can only imagine how much more in tuned we would be in our relationships if we just took more time to connect non verbally, using our eyes, body language, and spirit. Would this not lead to an even deeper physical experience? I feel so…Perhaps even verbal communication would improve as well. When we know how to just be in the moment, absorbing it for what it is and what it can teach us, beautiful things happen! Peace and Light

The beginning of something big

2013 was a year of discovery, preparation and a driving desire to shed my protective skin. I embrace change and a whole new year on the rise is giving me more incentive than ever. More incentive to write what’s really burning inside to be heard; realness. This blog will bring light to my most deepest thoughts on sexuality, creativity, passions, goals, the life of a goddess, the power of femininity, birth, motherhood, womanhood and so much more. I also plan to include my poetry in this space, have been longing to share it and including it within this new blog is exciting to me…