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Birthday Bliss

Eye am thankful to see a new year…one that will be filled with truth, living my dreams and more love on every level. How blissful it is to know that life is truly a gift! I learned so much last year, and as it came to a close, I silently gave thanks for even the hardest of lessons. I feel younger, more alive and so connected. A vibrant soul is the key to a happy and long existence. May time continue to tell the sweetest declarations. ❤

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Momma sees…

We know we get under your feet Momma…we know we walk slow when you need us to keep up. Thank you for always being there…and thank you for when you are not. We know you are nearby, watching to see that we are safe, because this world is often a scary place. You give us tests in this life to make sure we will pass. We feel when we have disappointed you and you will not take kindly to sass..We cherish the proud look on your face when we do something right without you asking…how beautiful even are your tears when you are weary and unsure, for we know your love is never conditional; it is beautiful and pure. Precious like the day we first met, lovely as a sunset…We love you Momma💛

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Green butterfly

Sipping basil, lemon and strawberry water as the sun shines down on me

…my sunglasses rest just above the bridge of my nose. Yesterday I was listening to her tell me stories, comforting me with her words…”everything is a cycle, a moment of growth before the next phase.” I call such things miracles because they fill me with wonder…a soft breeze whispers through the windows of my car…I love the sounds I can hear and the way the breeze is lightly caressing my skin…all is in bloom. People, plants, life as I know it. I want the most beautiful canopy of flowers around me…

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Earth’s child

Be still my heart…be at peace with yourself, stillness is a beautiful thing. Eye am glad that you see this even now at your young age…how truly important it is to connect with yourself and Mama Earth…she lovingly waits to hold you in her arms and to feel your feet walking upon her sacred ground…ground yourself little one. Breathe deep and release all the worries in your mind, think about how, when you are kind…it comes back to you. Smile and know you are secure.