Sunday vibes…


Breathing through every day, living in the moment. Revitalizing my spirit outside as I walk through my garden, admiring all of the life right up under my nose. Something smells so sweet; perhaps it is jasmine flowers or honeysuckle. I have missed taking time to just breathe! Summer reminds me to do just that…breathe as I watch the sunset; another day has passed. Breathe as I prepare to write a poem; allow my creativity to rise with each inhale and exhale. Breathe as I move on to the next journey in my life; be present and open. Happy Sunday. ❤


Painting on Saturday

So there is a very cute little calendar that my daughter received from her grandmother. And it has all these lovely little prints complete with a paint set to create your own works of art. I brought my laptop out; intending to do some work on my WordPress site, and also work on a new birth website, doula website and midwifery site all in one. Taking time to paint has really helped with the flow of the day, keeping me chill and calm. I am enjoying mingling colors together to form tiny paintings. They are almost like little fairy posters or something. But it’s my little bit of heaven right now. I didn’t realize how much I enjoy painting, and drawing. It has been years since I’ve sat down and done this, but it’s so worth it. I have a feeling I’m going to want to paint some more throughout the evening, and possibly into the weekend. If it is bringing me this much joy, it is definitely something I need to keep up. One doesn’t really realize the things that they miss doing, until they actually sit down and do them with no abandon.

Happy Saturday!

Sweetest things

Joy is waking up to see new flowers bloom, just in time. It’s like a treat for the senses; these lovely summer flowers…

I was gifted this little tree at an annual city event, where folks are more than happy to be recipients of native plants, trees and herbs. I chose a tree called an Orange Geiger, and I have never seen such a vivid orange! How beautiful indeed…I can’t wait to put this baby in the ground to grow taller and more lovely with time. Happy Solstice!


This little one is Zipporah and today she was enjoying romps through my garden…And let me tell you, trying to get a picture of a kitten is no easy feat! So thankful for her exuberance and sweetness; reminding me to stay connected to my inner child.💛


I have been writing so much lately…just not so often on social media; including my WordPress blogs…but I am still here. I just adore the act of my pen touching paper and the warm feelings I associate with writing. I sometimes feel like I have to have something major to talk about when I blog! But in my journals…anything goes. I love how Spring is reminding me to “be open”…like the lovely flowers I pause to notice. Opening up to the Sun in all their glory. And that is how I feel…open to being in balance with my love of writing, whether private or shared. Right now, I am also on a reading binge; filling my brain with new languages, poetry, and much more. And it feels so wonderful. I know I will want to write about it. 💗

But for now, I want to recharge, receive and remain open to possibilities, which are endless with writing.