Here’s to life

It’s a crazy time to be alive. Witnessing destruction, pandemonium and so much growth of our souls. None of us will ever be who we were before. We’ve lost something dear to us, maybe even someone, maybe even many things…

Hell, for a lot of us, even our sanity might have been in question. But I’ll be damned if we should feel any kind of guilt from losing ourselves in some of the madness. What I am hoping is we have found a NEW way to be, a new way to live and a new way to love. We will be ok, I am truly holding onto that notion with all of my heart. Music has been my saving grace…even through tears streaming down my face. We are stronger than we have ever realized…

I’ve also enjoyed looking at the sunsets more often, laughing it up with my kids, and having healing conversations with friends. In the end, we will continue to move through this.

Sending everyone love.🦋🙏🏾🦋

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