Baby Kale and more!

I am really enjoying the new heirloom seeds I purchased a couple of months ago. These little guys are Russian Kale seedlings and so far they have sprouted like champs. I also have black nebula carrot seeds, nasturtium, a salad mix and rajasthan honey melon seeds that I planted. It is a bit of trial and error going on as I’m trying to see which type of soil they will take to the best. I am a flower and herb lady when it comes to gardening. However, with all that has been transpiring, I figured I better start experimenting with fruits and veggies as well. It is my eventual goal to be able to grow at least half of the fruits and veggies my family consumes. I don’t want to be so dependent on grocery stores anymore, so I am confident that this dream will become a reality! It has rained a LOT today and I’m sure my seedlings and plants have had their fill of it. Looking forward to some sunshine over the weekend to balance things out in my garden. 💚🌱💚

I used some wooden sticks to identify what’s what in my garden. It’s no fun forgetting what I planted at all, so that is an extremely helpful way to remember. I ordered my seeds from the Baker Creek Heirloom seed catalog and the varieties they offer are out of this world! If you’re interested, all you have to do is look them up on Google, trust me, you won’t be disappointed! Blessings 💙

An empty strawberry container is a perfect seedling starter!

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