Remembering life

It rained today…all morning long and I envisioned things “washing away”..It was calming, even the thunder and lightening. It is still overcast on this weird Sunday afternoon. Some light in there amidst a mass of gray. I feel the shift so much right now…the somber mood, the new rules in place; wear a mask upon your face, or else stay in place…shelter in place, cover your face…the irony of it rhyming. Peoples lives are literally in the balance; social media just has us all fooled. We are taking everything one. day. at. a. time.

Photo by Mobola Odukoya

There is an eerie feeling surrounding the unknown, I am feeling torn. Beautiful things have happened in our world; despite the constant emphasis on fear. From what I am hearing, the Earth is healing and so are we, collectively. This is no doubt a time of intense anxiety and uncertainty. We literally don’t know WHAT another day will bring, let alone when our lives will return to something remotely recognizable. But in all of this, we are choosing to reach out to each other, in ways we never would have before. Our mindsets have softened towards each other, we are smiling through our tears and wishing each other well, checking in on the elders, and holding the babies close to our hearts.


We are healing, doing our best, feeling sad, trying hard to be happy, crying often, screaming inside, screaming outside, feeling anger, praying, getting up in the mornings, staying in bed all day, staying up all night, fighting despair, napping, resting, taking care of family, doing laundry, working from home, working on our homes, working on businesses, not working, blogging, not writing anything, watching movies, going to bed whenever, changing the scenery, cleaning our homes, reading to the kids, calling family, texting friends, listening to music, dancing, gardening, singing, making love, making the best of things, worrying about the worst of things, creating art, talking, writing poems, sharing posts, cooking meals, learning new things, giving birth, walking around our neighborhoods, hearing good news, hearing bad news, sitting outside, hoping for sunshine, working out, washing the car, looking out the windows…remembering life and doing what we can to keep living it.




10 thoughts on “Remembering life

  1. I enjoyed your words and thoughts. I was hoping new world could change. Even with limited movement in our worlds. Our leader can’t befriend each other and help each other. I hope you are doing well, be careful and be safe.

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