Happy Heavenly Birthday my Sun

Hello sweet baby Samuel Isaiah, this is your Mama…I am so thankful that you chose me, eleven years ago, to be your home. In turn, you shaped me into the woman I am. I carried you for 7 months in my womb, yet you have created a special place in my heart for a lifetime. I will never forget you, who I was before you, and especially after you came into my life. I see and feel you in the random smiles little people give me.. Because of you, I am not just existing, Eye am Living. I still think about the joys I’d have had raising a little man cub; thank you for reminding me how well I cared for my physical body during my pregnancy with you. And that I loved you straight away, despite the circumstances…💙

I imagine you would have been such a beautiful boy and very adventurous. You are so precious and so wise, you will forever be one of my angelic guides.

Happy Birthday my Sun.

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