Strange times

I am not sure how to move in all of this, so I will be still. It is becoming even more concrete that the only thing we truly can control is our response to everything. I’ve been in communication with family and friends, my kid had a birthday this week and I looked forward to creating some happiness for her, even if temporary for her special day. We had a birthday party, complete with friends, good food and a scrumptious birthday cake. We have lots of books to read, the days have been pleasant in regards to lovely weather, so I open my windows daily. We’ve cried, laughed, debated, cooked and kept up with it all. We are in a pivotal phase; apparently things cannot go on the way they have been going. And so change is happening behind the scenes. We have to be gentle with ourselves at this time, yet ready to be lights for those who aren’t as strong. It’s not going to be easy, but we are not alone…Mama Earth is still our home, and she is purging, yes, but she still welcomes us in her forests, her oceans, her lakes, her trails, her heart. We need to be still and listen…listen intently also to our children and our elderly; our wise ones. This is definitely a “strange” time…but I think it is bringing us together as well. We’ve been apart for way too long. Technology has had ill effects on the way we connect with each other and now we are being forced to literally check in with each other more, as we should. I am hoping all will be well and that we won’t let fear overtake us, even if we have uncertainty about tomorrow, hell, even the next few months. We will get through this…

afterglow avian backlit birds
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