Claudia Booker, a Midwife to live by.

The Birthing Community has lost a Giant by the name of Claudia Booker. She paved the way for Black women to birth in safety, she was unapologetically herself and spoke on behalf of Black mothers, families, the community and so forth. She broke barriers, connected with many other iconic midwives; like Jenny Joseph, Ina May Gaskin, Robin Lim, and a host of others. When she spoke, it’s like you had better take time to listen because she spoke with confidence, conviction and truth.

Claudia Booker, in her element.

I was in disbelief at first, thinking that it could not be true! She touched so many people; from all walks of life. But her passing sparked something inside me; “remember” who YOU are just kept being replayed in my mind. I can no longer wait around…I have a dream to manifest and I will carry the torch, Mama Claudia is expecting me and many other sisters to do just that. We must continue to protect the energy of birth, the sanctity of it all and ensure a peaceful transition from womb to Earth. I am ready, Claudia and though the road won’t be easy, it will damn sure be worth it.

Salute!!! Well done, Good and Faithful Spirit.

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