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May we continue to grow in mind, body and spirit for 2020 and beyond. Help us to be lights and comfort those who aren’t as strong. I’m praying for clarity in 2020. With the “tumultuous” last few years of the decade; I think 2020 will be a year of revelations…things we would never believe, the depths of human kindness, and also the depths of human depravity; 2020 has NO karmic bullshit to sift through; it is fresh out the womb…ready to birth the truth in so many ways…I’m hoping we can peacefully find new ways of existing that has room for the many unique journeys we experience in our lifetime as human beings. There is no reason there should be hungry people living on the streets as folks on the next street over shell out thousands in rent money; turning a blind eye to suffering. There is enough for ALL of us. We still have a poverty mindset in this country; there is NEVER enough for everyone; and that simply does not register in my brain. I’ve traveled, I’ve seen land, empty homes, empty buildings, gardens in cities, gardens in yards and gardens on sprawling acreage…We have lost our sense of community and caring…we can do so much when we all care enough. We honestly don’t give a shit; yes, I said it! Our children are being snatched right up from under our noses, women are dying in childbirth, young people are being trafficked and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Despite all these fucked up things in the world though, I will keep living this beautiful life I’ve been gifted; praying each and every day for safety in numbers; specifically “angelic” numbers; it gives me peace, believing that there is protection around us…

I had a lot to say in this post, and I suppose this will be remnants of my last few thoughts of the year. I honestly hope we begin to love more, look out for each other; our elderly and children in particular. Please don’t let days go by without communicating with those you love and you know love you…

Wishing everyone a warm holiday season.

Blessings! ❤

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