Water runs through it

Yesterday, I spent my morning going through some old journals…entries that spoke of me in a different light, poems dedicated to lovers and friends of my past, affirmations and even a few sketches. We recently had a watery full moon in Pisces and I felt like something needed to happen, I needed to let something go. As I read through my old journals, I made a mental note of how much has changed in my life, how far my soul has traveled from where I used to be. I decided I would let those old journals go. I didn’t want to just pitch them in the trash…so I tore most of the written pages into tiny bite sized squares…I honestly felt a shift too, like a stream was running through my mind clearing out debris. Those journals had been with me for some years and they were indeed special. But I am in a new space now and I want to celebrate that. I have new journals, new thoughts and I’ve since posted quite a few poems from the journals I originally composed them in. The sweetness of this ritual was that I decided to keep some pages from the journals I don’t have anymore…so I will always remember them. They were so beautiful too; paisley printed pages with flowers and birds, right up my alley. I’m thankful for doing what I needed to do.

A little stream on a nature trail in California

6 thoughts on “Water runs through it

  1. It’s crazy that I recently don’t the samething with a book I finished writing some time ago…

    I realise how much I’ve evolved. so I burned it to ashes.

    this blogging thing is very therapeutic.

    I really has changed my life for the better.

    with that being said…

    it feels good to let go…

    let me rephrase that…

    it feels good to be free.

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