Life is crazy

So, I have been aching for undisturbed time to catch up with my writing…My blogs need attention and my mind is filled with thoughts to share. Enter a hurricane scare, my mom being sick and my daughter’s school schedule as well as my work schedule to keep up with… where’s the TIME?!!

I literally planned for my daughter and I to take a road trip to see her grandmother for Labor Day weekend and everything was stalled. It was frustrating, upsetting and I felt very overwhelmed. But, all storms end up passing eventually. Mom is better but has a lot of physical issues to conquer regarding her health…the hurricane did not really come our way like it did in the Bahamas (thankfully)…Though it was still hard to learn of all the devastation it left in its wake…my heart is with the people there.

It does look like another weekend may be opening up for us to take that roadtrip we planned. I honor the divine timing of everything, even when I can’t quite grasp the why in the midst of perceived turmoil. I am thankful for the peace that gives my soul hope for a new way of being, of growing and of loving…

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