You’ve taught me well

Endings are simply beginnings in disguise. It hurts like hell to say goodbye to ways of being that are so familiar and full of love…what now? How do I fill this new space? Such questions have been filling my mind now that I officially have a child in college and one not far behind. Motherhood is something I refused to lose the battle with…I thrived on caring for my young; raising the next generation. I know I will always be a Mom, just gotta reinvent myself…cut the umbilical cord I’m learning; allow them to move on their paths graciously; I’ve taught them well. Eye trust that they will remember. I have good days where I’m excited about an unknown future, yet afraid to fully let go of the past. And I won’t, as it encompasses 99% of my being, my reason, my happiness…Motherhood is me, my peace and my joy. And now I will give birth to more dreams, visions turned to realities and more creativity. My children taught me to “not worry” about the small things…just keep drawing, laughing and loving. Thank you my loves…<3

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