Today feels like a rose

Today, I wanted deeply to go and see a dear friend who is far away, in another place that is not easily accessible or very welcoming. My friend, she is like a rose; her beauty is in her smile and her hope for tomorrow, even though the thorns hurt her so.

She always finds something lovely to be thankful for, whether it’s a flower growing out of the concrete; a book she read, a memory, or a song she heard…She is so precious and deeply into her own mind. She is determined and so am I.

I have a rose bush that I bought months ago and it had one flower on it. Since I’ve had it, it has bloomed three times, always just one flower. One perfect little white rose with pink tinged petals. It smells so divine…it’s thorns are there spread out evenly among its stems.

I treasure this moment, making all kinds of connections with how crazy life is. Some of the most spirited and pure at heart people are like roses; having still grown to be beautiful despite their thorns. Maybe even more beautiful because of their thorns.

My dear friend loves roses very much, in fact, she said circus roses are her favorite.

But she herself reminds me of a Sunflower, standing so tall and proud. Reaching for that sunshine no matter what. 💗 I plan to share this piece with her. I hope it makes her smile.

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