Bridge to my heart


There’s something so mysterious about a bridge with a creek running under it. Nostalgia overtakes me as I remember summer days exploring the solitude of nature.

Curiosity pushes me further into the unknown…what stories and secrets do these places hold? Some trees have names with hearts around them etched into their bark. Trees don’t need that though, it’s only for human aesthetics. We need to “pinpoint” everything and everywhere we’ve been. I like to store my picturesque memories in my mind for safe keeping. I do write in the sand though, however, the waves don’t let it last for long…<3

“I was here”

The breeze whispers my name in your ear…do you hear me? I am the shawl covering your bare shoulders…the boulders the waves splash upon. The unfurling of the sun, like your smile…and I would travel mile upon mile for it.

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