Sister love


Sister Love

I have enjoyed watching my daughters’ relationship bloom and unfold. I think it’s sweet how they look out for each other. Sometimes, in the midst of their arguing, I long for the days when they were younger and oblivious. Such tiny little concerns they had; sharing toys, singing together, dancing and playing without a care in the world. Now my girls are teens, and are clinging to their individuality, being more assertive in the age of constant change. I listen in on their conversations that don’t always include me and I find myself chuckling quietly at what I hear. Such little ladies now; talking of clothes, boys and friendships. They both enjoy laughing with me and at me as I navigate through this new experience of raising teens. My youngest often needs more encouragement these days in the form of hugs and warm heart to hearts. She is my water baby and feels EVERYTHING. I tell her that she does not have to own any energy that doesn’t resonate with her spirit. My oldest is a little lioness and has been since the day she arrived. She speaks openly and is quite the charismatic one. I share with my daughters that it’s so important for them to hold their heads up when they walk, to be aware of their surroundings at all times and to read as much as they can. But most importantly, to cherish their bond as sisters…It is the greatest joy to be their Mama, to let them know I am always watching out for them like the grizzly I am, *smile*


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