Seeing clearly


Transformation is the key, the process by which I become a better me…flowering internally, vast like eternity…I feel a connection to the trees, how they flower in Spring and in the Autumn, they bring change…the birth pangs of life creating in me something new, something strange…I knew this time would come, there is no place to run or hide, my eyes are open wide…cracking open the code to really feel what it takes to grow…realizing that it’s okay for all of my emotions to show. Especially love and sadness, how about happiness, and what of anger? Life lessons are always going to be synonymous with our emotional expressions…it is okay to hurt, it is okay to feel lost, it is okay to be overwhelmed and afraid. We don’t always know the rules of the games being played…so let us remember the words we utter every day to ourselves…are they sweet? Are they kind? Do we give ourselves permission to “fall behind?” Not so much, but we should, we could and we can…all we have is this moment and worry is nothing but the mind’s torment; which can be to our detriment. And so I am speaking to myself when I say, just be treated by the beauty of this day.. It is new and refreshing, a beautiful blessing…just. like. me. AND just. like. you.

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