Swimming through love’s current

Some days have literally been a huge question mark, like seriously, don’t ask.

That’s when I am more than thankful for the gift of astrology. Otherwise, I think I would have lost my marbles.

I have been feeling a strong desire to know and understand more about my relationships, past and present. My 7th house, the house of relationships happens to be in Pisces. Ha! So THAT’S why I have always had this ethereal, far out view on love and relationships…It’s like I believe in love in ways that folks have abandoned for easier and emptier connections, even if they don’t make any damn sense. I smile at couples walking hand in hand, I cry when watching romantic movies (sometimes), I am also guilty of wearing my heart on my sleeve and over nurturing. I think of situations where I have envisioned love “saving” the day. I think of times where I cared a little too much, where I sought out magic in the darkness and didn’t find it but still kept searching.


I cherish the experiences that made a stronger woman out of me, especially the loving experiences and even the not so loving ones. I hope for and always desire the best outcome, even if it means the total opposite of what I envisioned…and it has been my lesson in realizing that I cannot control another; even with all the love in my heart to give. I think sometimes the scariest thing about love is the unknown; how exactly is this going to pan out?? Are they as serious about getting to know me as I am about getting to know them? How many times have I felt so certain of a direction I was taking, only to be diverted in the thick of traffic?? 

So, it is healing for me to write, to learn and to share with others. I like asking someone how they “feel”…I like putting feelings into words; into poems that warm my heart and the hearts of others.  There is beauty in believing in what you cannot see; it speaks largely of one’s faith in something they know without a doubt is real. And that is how I “feel” about love.


7th House in Pisces
You want a partner who is sweet and sensitive of your feelings. They need to know how to calm you down when you get rattled. They should probably be someone who is strong where you’re weak. It can be a long time before you settle down, fearful of failure. In a relationship, you keep everything organized while they bring the whimsy and get you to open up to new experiences.
*Courtesy of Dark Pixie Astrology
Note: I hope that this was a good read for you all, and if interested in diving deeper into the basics of astrology; Astro.com is a great website!
❤ Lisa

6 thoughts on “Swimming through love’s current

  1. It’s like I believe in love in ways that folks have abandoned for easier and emptier connections, even if they don’t make eny damn sence…….

    I couldn’t agree with you more on this one… I swear this is the quote of my life!👌👌👌👌👌

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