Recollection of a riptide


I was once out in the ocean in Florida on a blustery day and had not taken too much caution in swimming that day…I waded in the shallow ends, immersing myself as the waves crashed furiously. It happened so fast; I found myself far away from the shore within minutes…I became very frightened when my feet were no longer touching the sand…I looked at the shore, at my babies watching in sheer terror as I seemingly kept floating away…At that moment, though there was literally nothing to grasp; I grasped onto hope…A sense of calm filled my beating heart and I began to swim sideways under the water…I could not go forward, and so I swam like an octopus, in energy filled spurts; wishing for extra legs and swimming like I had them. I had to take brief rest stops so that I would not become exhausted. I felt the fear leaving my soul as I miraculously made it closer to shore…I could hear the cries of my children beckoning me to come closer and I could see their little bodies jumping up and down…Someone came out to meet me in the water to help me walk the rest of the way…

I embraced my children and we connected deeply about what had just taken place…From that day on, I had a most profound shift in respect for Mama Earth; for her deep waters…because for a short moment that felt like forever, I was a miniscule fish that could have been drowned within minutes…I remember to honor Yemaya whenever I visit the ocean especially…she is not to be taken for granted. I honor the water signs and their deep emotions, absorbing their wisdom helps me to grow in my emotions and to be fluid, soft yet consistent in how I flow. They have a strong pull on my heart just as the moon does with the waves of the Ocean…This was a true story; my story of surviving a riptide!! It is also a story of my deep reverence for water and it’s inherent power…Salute ❤

Crystalline waters washing through my soul…I love the gentle nature of water and respect it’s powerful existence…It is soft enough to cleanse my thoughts, yet strong enough to drown anything that dares to stand in its way. I hear them, the waves; colliding against my solid frame, each one calls my name. I become one with her, watching as my body melts into the sand like a shell buried so deep, a special shell to find and keep.

2 thoughts on “Recollection of a riptide

  1. How frightening and what a lesson to learn, a gift in a profound way. I love your writing, Lisa, and the grace of your reflections – always something new and affirming discovered in each experience. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts❤ Yes! Indeed it was a frightening experience, and writing about it took me back to that day, that very moment! It was very profound. Much Love, Lisa

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