Deer Woman


With a crown of flowers upon my head, I step lightly through the forest…magic is all around me and I take it in with my warm, watery eyes. I am quiet, observant, light on my path but I always know where I am meant to travel. I can be shy but I am not afraid. I do however, prefer to stay hidden, safe in the shelter of towering trees, as there are things that can hurt me that I don’t readily see. Sounds of birds calling are music to my ears and they are also my alarm if there is danger. I pay attention to rhythms and cycles in my sanctuary, they keep me alert and aware. I find that keeping quiet allows me to really hear what I need to hear. I listen with my heart, finding that it beats with peace when I am at peace. Things are not always what they seem, it hurts to know that this world can be cruel and mean. I do not allow this to stop me, I just keep walking, living and being. Deer woman is who I am, queen of stillness and lover of the forest.

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