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Okra oh my…

So what is this interesting veggie that resembles mini pinwheels, has an abundance of little seeds and is quite slimy yet yummy? It’s okra!! And I have been really digging on it more these days…I love it raw, in soups and fried. I’ve even gotten my children to try it and they like it too! It’s a pretty interesting little vegetable and it has a lot of fiber and is also a good cleansing veggie for the womb. My rule of thumb when cooking okra is not to overcook it and to be open to experimenting. I like it to be still bright green and crisp after I fry it. I usually use organic cornmeal, cayenne pepper powder, sea salt, garlic and paprika powder to season. After chopping the okra into little discs, I coat them in the mixture and fry for about 7 minutes or until brown on both sides. 

This little dish makes an awesome appetizer or side dish with dinner. I told myself I would begin to show more veggies some love this year, the ones I like but don’t eat as much as I could. 

Kudos to okra!!



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