Finding joy in the journey

I have made so many promises to myself before, but this year, I intend to keep them all…more traveling, more laughing, more moments of “wow” and more love…there can never be enough love…I had a moment yesterday that made me tear up…I thought about myself and if I am doing “good” enough by my children, my family, my friends…I wondered deeply if I could do more…and how. But just as soon as that thought filled my mind, I was overcome by emotion…peace filled my womb, my spirit, my heart and a stillness came over me…I felt my spirit say; you are enough! Stop always second guessing who and what you are…I let the tears fall and vowed that I would “see” with new eyes this year…it was a cleansing process for my soul because I truly felt much better after this moment. We are so good at criticizing ourselves, being our own worst critic and feeling less than…but if we choose to disconnect from all that is going on around us and really be still, we will feel so much security in ourselves…I feel like this life is a gift and there’s so much to experience…I look forward to this moment and sweet moments to come…I guess, my thing is I’m always trying to find ways to improve myself and my relationships…I want people to know that I care and I see them being a part of my world and it makes me very happy…


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