Mama Moon in Cancer

Many years ago, these little clothes dressed my babies…it seems like only yesterday, that I embarked on this journey called motherhood…I showed these tiny stichings to my now towering offspring and they were amazed at how little they once were…I have kept these outfits with me over the years, taking them out once in a while to marvel at how fast time has passed us and to remember the sweetness of holding my babies so close to me… Being a mother is like home…a familiar space that has warmed my soul and grown me from a tiny sapling to a mighty oak tree…my roots run very deep. And so we are returning home again with the lovely full moon in Cancer upon us…she reminds of our beginnings, hugs us close to her heart and encourages us to release our emotions…indeed a sign of a “good mother”…soft on the inside and protective of her inner world where few have traveled…but I feel her (the moon’s)  intuitiveness and I obey…nothing is too taboo to cry about or to share, she is always there…I love my children fiercely…I am soft, sweet, stern and subconsciously aware of the every day changes that come with mothering…but I am not afraid. I have kept the seeds of my womb covered in rich soil so that they may grow too, into tall oak trees, maybe even Redwoods…

This is the first full moon of the year and I always look forward to it being home…we all need to be held, rocked and lulled by her gentle waves…

May the precious energy of this Cancer full moon bless you and hold you close…Peace and Light❤

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