Gangster Goddess…

2016 was that year…it tested me and my strength in ways I could have never imagined, but in essence, I found out what I am truly made of…I can be soft as a feather but also tough as nails! I felt like I was in “gangster mode” for a good portion of the year, always needing to watch my side, front and back…I feel so ready to let all of that go. I feel as though trust and I have become long lost friends…so I salute 2016 with a hearty “thank you” and goodbye, your lessons will never be forgotten…it is time to let go. Let go of anything that told me I cannot, because I can and I will. I have come out of my shell, I have come out of hiding, I have stopped making excuses…I plan to go into 2017 armed with my heart and soul leading the way like never before…I wont’ be naive but I also won’t be fearful, for life awaits with the sweetest advances…beckoning me to live with full abandon of what held me captive in 2016. Much love and Happy New Year


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