The cold slows me down but triggers my inner fire to keep me going.

Now is the time to write to my heart’s desire… We are nearing the end of another year and I embrace the coming of a new one with absolutely no fear. If I came this far, then I can only go farther…Music soothes my soul as I write…I spent this morning having tea and thinking deeply. I am turning the pages in the book of my life with certainty…certain that this new year will no doubt bring out the best in me. All that I have been holding back is coming back around with full force…a new beginning, a new face grinning in the sunshine…at all of the possibilities. Sometime, I get caught up in the ecstasy of my thoughts; wishing that I could be living a certain way, but shut them down to my dismay…but why? My desires are not too extraordinary at all, and if I wish, I can fit all of it into my heart. I have found ways to stay strong through it all, to keep moving in a specific direction even when my soul is no longer glowing. That is not living, it is going through the motions, being mundane and inundated with outdated modes of thinking. I know I deserve to wake every day with promise; promise to be the best woman, mother and lover I can be…I embrace my reveries and my soul dances with passion at the mere thought of the depths I desire to reach. And so, with many years behind me of just accepting what was, I now move forward with what will be.

There is promise in these words as I type them, strength…seeds being planted in the darkness of winter which will bloom in the Spring. 


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