Amore eternal, love, heart musings…

A lot of what we perceive as love is merely a facade. When you can see past the smile, past the familiar phrase we all say about 3,000 times a day; “I’m okay” if asked…when one can gently peel through the protective layers of another’s heart, they will begin to know what unconditional love truly is. Don’t get duped, for love is not on any price tag, fancy car or home; It’s what you are building on from within. Many of us take years to trust in love again, taking inches until they become footsteps leading right back to ourselves. When we feel worthy, we attract those worthy of us; anything superficial is pointless and we find peace in this truth. Be mindful of these times…it’s hard to break free from what imprisons our minds, but it is possible and we are able to be who we’re meant to be…a reflection of love.

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