Go Slow…

Lost in a whirlwind of thoughts…I have insurmountable peace when I’m silent and listening; Mmmm, spirit is always speaking…Silence is intense and definitely takes some practice in mindfully practicing it throughout my day. We are so immersed in being instantly gratified and bombarded with things to think about; that’s our norm. Being silent on purpose these days is rare unless you decide to get away from it all, on purpose; literally disconnect. I have been making an effort to practice silence, even if it’s for a 1/2 hour, a day is nice and more than a day or more often requires putting in more effort, taking a drive somewhere or planning a vacation…oh the sweet things that are revealed when I’m REALLY listening…it’s like, “okay, I have to do this more”…

Sometimes, thoughts that come in silence are helpful revelations on how to move forward…I’ve noticed some positive changes lately since I’ve been taking more time to connect intuitively with myself; really feel my spirit; the good, the not so sweet and then some. I’m learning above all not to react to every single thing going on around me or to let my thoughts scare me into instant decision making mode because that’s my ego. I honestly have to be quiet and not have anything to say at times… I gotta take a moment to remember to be in the moment.


2 thoughts on “Go Slow…

  1. I love your reflection on the benefit of silence in increasing mindfulness. Sometimes, we do everything quickly because we think we have so little time, and time races by. Interestingly, when we go slow, time slows down. It doesn’t make sense, but it works. Lovely post.

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